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Grandpa and Veteran: Speaker for Veteran’s Day By:Anthony Knaack

November 15, 2018
Reinbeck Courier
My grandpa, Patrick Palmershiem, spent two tours of duty as an Air Force Staff Sergeant during the Vietnam War. He was an Aircraft Mechanic and a Flight Engineer, his aircraft missions included cargo/personal airlifts or airdrops, search and rescue, medical evacuation, and certain in-flight refueling missions. He flew C130s, C123s, C47s, C118s, T29s, and sometimes B52 bombers. My grandpa has helped other veterans by being picked to be the Director of Veterans Affairs for the State of Iowa for 9 years in a row by two different Iowa Governors. My grandpa has received many awards and has been recognized for a lot of what he has done for veterans in Iowa. The coolest ones are his Iowa Medal of Honor and he is in the Gold Star Military Museum as one of Iowa’s most Notable Veterans. In Washington, D.C., they dedicated a flag over the Nation’s Capital in honor of my grandpa; they gave him the flag to keep. When I asked my grandpa why he was proud to be a Veteran, he said that he is proud to have served his Country and to do whatever he was asked to do and go wherever he was sent to protect our freedom. My grandpa created a cemetery for Iowa Veterans and joined a program called Wreaths Across America. Every year they hang wreaths on as many veterans’ tombstones they can. There are 10 Balsam Bouquets comprising each veterans wreath 1.Their Faith in God 2. Their Love for Each Other 3.Their Strength Work Ethic, and Character 4.Their Honesty and Integrity 5.Their Humility, Selflessness, and Modesty 6.Their Ambitions and Aspirations 7.Their Optimism for America 8.Their Concern for The Future 9.Their Pride in Their Duties 10. Their Hopes and Dreams That Didn’t Always Come True, But Left Them With No Regrets. The 4-B Kids will donate some of their Bucket money for a wreath. Go to to donate today.


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