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The Mysterious Trip to Casey’s By Avery Boyer

November 1, 2018
Reinbeck Courier
Chapter 1 Where It All Begins One normal night at a normal Casey’s, there was a normal trash bag... It was a calm night, but the second Avery got out of the car, she got this weird feeling. She looked to her right and immediately the trash bag shot up. Avery got so scared she jumped! Avery went into Casey’s, and the clerk looked like the witch from the Halloween movie “Hocus Pocus.” After Avery got her food she went to the cash register where there was a kid in a clown costume. The kid had candy — and a knife in his backpack! When Avery looked at his mom, she had a leash around her wrist, and the leash was connected to the boy’s backpack. Then it was her turn at the cash register. The second Avery heard the clerk talk, she knew she had heard that voice before — it was the witch from the movie! Chapter 2 The Ride Home As Avery walked out of Casey’s, the trash bag shot up again. Avery was so scared again she jumped in the car as fast as she could. Avery said “That was really, really scary.” Skyler said, “Why do you think that was scary?” “Oh, I don’t know why I said that” said Avery. Avery thought maybe that was just something she saw. Avery was really scared that whole time. Maybe her dad was just messing around with her. When they got home her dad went right up to his room. Avery thought to herself, “That is kind of weird,” and she followed him very quietly. She heard him talking to Avery’s mom ... Chapter 3 The Talk “Avery said in the car that Casey’s was really, really scary.” said Avery’s dad. “Well that’s odd,” said Avery’s mom. Avery had heard that whole thing, and they didn’t even know. “I guess we should take her to the eye doctor.” said Avery’s mom. Avery’s dad said, “Yes, that sounds like a good idea. She seems to be seeing things!” “Okay. I will get her an appointment for as soon as I can.” said Avery’s mom. So Avery’s mom called the eye doctor and got an appointment for Friday, October 13th. Avery’s mom got off the phone and told her dad it was on Friday the 13th. Avery knew that she was maybe seeing things, but it felt like it was all real life. Suddenly Avery heard the doorbell ring... Chapter 4 The Eye Doctor Avery answered the door it was just her sister.Then after she was calmed down she went to bed.The next morning she woke up.Suddenly Avery remembered she had an eye doctor appointment that day. On the way up to the eye doctor Avery was super nervous. When Avery got into the room. She looked at the eye doctor, and he looked like the guy from the movie “Friday the 13th!” Avery knew she had to stay calm so she did. Avery had to get glasses, and after that everything was back to normal.


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