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November 1, 2018
Reinbeck Courier
I had a soccer game and we looked at the other team, and they were witches! They turned us into frogs! “There! My story’s done.” Kira brought her story home and showed it to her mom. “You’d better go to bed or else you’ll be a zombie on the soccer field.” Kira woke up went and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. “Auh!” yelled Kira. Kira was a zombie! “Come on, Kira, it’s time for breakfast!” “I can’t play my soccer game,” said Kira . Kira decided to play the soccer game. When Kira got to the soccer field she looked at her friend Ella and she was a skeleton, and her friend Mia was a mummy. The girls looked at the other team and they were witches “RUN THEY’RE GOING TO TURN US INTO FROGS!” yelled Kira. “How do know they’re going to turn us into frogs?” asked Ella. “The story I wrote is coming true!” said Kira. “AUGH!” Kira woke up and ran to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror ~ and she wasn’t a zombie . It was just a dream.


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