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A Scary Dog Walk by Elly Fogt

November 1, 2018
Reinbeck Courier
It started out on cold, fall day in October. Elly was taking her dog Zoey on a walk. When they were walking, Elly heard a funny noise. Zoey cocked her head sideways and started barking & growling. Then out of the bushes came a Big... Black... Bear! It started chasing them. They were running so fast Zoey tripped over herself and made Elly fall on one of the bear’s cub. The mama bear got so angry that it sprang from the ground and starting throwing things at Zoey & Elly! Elly was hit. Elly was in so much pain that it felt like she tore out her ankle five times in a row. She went to the hospital & her ankle was broken, so she had to be in a cast for two months. Zoey got to visit Elly for an hour, but Zoey laid on the bed until visitation was over. Eight weeks later Elly was back to walking Zoey, but she was still on crutches. Everyone at her school got to sign her cast, and she was more aware of her surroundings the rest of her life.



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