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Ray Rannfeldt

March 18, 2018
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

I received yet another letter telling me how child care needs were a reality and that our City Council has made the right decision in funding Reinbeck's daycare. The letter also went on to say I just had to live with the council's decision, that I had stated my opinion and should now move on. Most importantly, they stressed the point that I had never offered any alternatives to the expansion of our daycare. Finally, they stated that the daycare was as much a part of our city's business as the parks, the fire department, the library, etc. Where do I begin in my response? First, I agree completely that we need daycare in our community and I have stated this several times. I do not agree that the daycare is an entity that our city should fund directly out of its limited budget. We don't fund the rest of the school out of that budget and the daycare is part of the school. Would our city pay for a third of a new school if G-R grew out of its building as it did for the daycare? I think the answer to that is obvious. Nor do I believe the daycare is as much a part of our city as the fire department, our library and our parks. We can all use any of these entities but not all of us can use the daycare. Thus, thanks to our City Council's commitment to the daycare board, the majority of us taxpaying citizens in town only pay for the daycare - we never use it. Regarding providing alternatives, I have offered several. I won't go over them again but if the writer goes back through my editorials, they will see that among the many I have offered was to use underutilized school building space instead of spending another $500,000.00 on expansion. At the end of the letter the writer said everyone was sick of hearing my opinion. Good, that means someone is reading the editorials and people are keeping our city's spending in the forefront. The only exception to this comment is that "everyone" is not accurate. I continue to have people tell me they agree with my position on our city's spending habits. I understand that I have angered all those having anything to do with the school system because they continue to believe the daycare is the "answer." I guess they are the type of people that will take money from their limited family funds and buy a handful of lottery tickets with the thought they will win it big - that gambling is the only way to make things better for them. As individuals they have the right to do that even though they are gambling with money they perhaps can't spare. But, when those same individuals begin to use my money to gamble, ie: my tax dollars, then its time to take issue. I have and will continue to do so. I know with the daycare the water is past the dam, as the saying goes, but I might be able to help people see that the city funding of the daycare is just the tip of the iceberg. When our council demonstrates it willingness to be controlled by special interest boards such as the daycare or the fitness center and give money away it cannot spare, then we see the rest of the iceberg hidden well below the water. That's the part that will get us. I fear our town has already been sliced open by this council's mindset. I wonder if this same anonymous letter writer will write me when the cost of living goes up in Reinbeck because our council has squandered away what little money we have. My guess is not because they will be too busy standing at City Hall's counter complaining.


Ray Rannfeldt




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