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Gail Fink

May 28, 2017
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

This letter is in reply to Anne Boyer's editorial. I agree completely with Ray Rannfeldt's reply. I also agree with the mayor realizing that city funds need to be spent on all age groups in Reinbeck, not just youngsters. The Grimm memorial was not given to the school.

Did not the school board know that they might "want" to expand the daycare in 2016 when they decided to have automated irrigation systems installed at the soccer field - $15,500, football field - $15,300, practice field - $14,600; window blinds at the JH/HS - $23,920 and $13,384 for blinds for the elementary; football press box - $19,290; $26,937 to move the JH/HS office; plus many thousands of dollars for other "wants"? (The above figures taken from the school board minutes.) It seemed like after the board inherited money it was like they could not spend the money fast enough. It seems like the current board members are big spenders. When I attended school in Reinbeck many years ago, we did not have shades or blinds on the windows. At least if there is a drought this summer, the athletic fields will have green grass.

I believe that the current daycare should be self-supporting just like a private daycare. How does the board know there will always be a need for the expansion?

I think the board should be saving their money for tearing down the nice school building located in Gladbrook.

Gail Fink




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