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Take the kids fishing

September 4, 2016
Kevin Williams - Grundy County Conservation Director , Reinbeck Courier

I know that I have mentioned my grandkids once or twice (or maybe forty times) in past columns. I could apologize for that but I won't. Why? Because now that my own kids are grown and busy with families and jobs of their own, it is their children my grandchildren that many times serve as the inspiration for these opportunities to share what is going on in the parks and wildlife areas. Otherwise, this column would become just another one of the many "weekly chores" in my life.

One of my grandsons, we'll call him Tate (because that is his name) went down to this year's Iowa State Fair. I wish I could have gone with him because while I love going to the fair, experiencing it through the eyes of a soon to be five year old just makes things that much more exciting.

The next time we were together, I asked him what he thought of the fair. He first told me that he saw the Super Bull. And then the Big Boar. I asked if he got to see the Big Ram but he couldn't remember. "What did it look like?" he asked. I paused for a moment. Well, it was covered with white soft wool and had a black face. (I hadn't made it over to the sheep barn when I was at the fair this year, but I knew I was safe with that description.)

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Tate Williams
Photo by Kevin Williams

"Oh, yeah" he said. "I saw a lot of those. I saw more animals than I could count." Yep, he had gone to the fair alright!

Tate is one of my four and a half grandchildren. Yes, our daughter Shannon is due in December. Sydney is six and 150% little girl. I should call her sparkle shoes because she owns a multitude of glittery footwear to go with her several princess gowns. She loves to dress up. But, you know, little sparkle shoes loves the zoo and like her mother would rather take a bug outside as kill it. Next in line is Tate, and then Turner who is four. These two are all boys through and through. Tate loves any animal and loves to tell me about them. And Turner, well give him a net or a shovel and he'll hunt bugs and/or aquatic life all day long. The fourth is Rhett who just turned six months. The only real wildlife that he has experienced yet are "attacks" by countless stuffed animals shoved in his face by big brother. But I can guarantee that he'll be holding his own outside with the others in no time.

Sydney and Turner were up to spend a couple days this summer and although we packed a lot into the rainy time, I didn't get to take them fishing. I did get to fish with all the grandkids when we were together later on for our long weekend, however. And everybody got to crank in at least one bluegill.

Knowing how the years flew by with our own kids, I am purposing to treasure every moment with this next generation. And to take these kids fishing. I was pleased to get a picture sent to me the other day with Tate proudly holding a new Snoopy fishing pole. And NEWS FLASH! I just learned that Sydney and Turner will be staying overnight this Friday night. This weekend visit will include fishing if it isn't any more than a walk to the bridge to catch creek chubs.

Which Grandpa can use for catfish bait real soonWith one or more grandkids!



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