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Grundy County Public Health news

August 7, 2016
Reinbeck Courier

E. Coli know as Escherichia coli: a type of bacteria that can cause bloody diarrhea and is on the rise in Iowa. It is usually seen in the summer and most types of E. Coli are harmless and live in the gut but some E. Coli can cause you to be sick.

E. Coli is spread by a person eating or drinking food or water that contains stool of infected people or animals. Poorly cooked meat, especially ground beef, or raw milk, unpasteurized cider or other juices can also contain the bacteria.

Anyone can be infected and the major symptom is diarrhea, which can look like bloody water. Stomach cramps and chills may occur. Usually no fever, symptoms usually start in 3-4 days after exposure but can be anywhere from 10 hours-10 days.

Contact your doctor if you think you may have E. Coli and do not prepare food or go to work or school until diarrhea is resolved. This infection can be reoccurring more than once.

Please use good hand washing technique and cook foods thoroughly. Contact your doctor if you have signs and symptoms.

Please contact Wendy Monaghan, RN BSN at Grundy County Public Health at 319-824-6312 if any questions.



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