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A fun time!

April 24, 2016
Kevin Williams - Grundy County Conservation Director , Reinbeck Courier

I had the opportunity to watch two of my grandchildren yesterday. So here I am back at work to recuperate. You fellow grandparents can appreciate that.

It was a jam-packed 24 hours. Only 24 hours but we sure got a lot accomplished. When we arrived at our home Sunday evening we almost immediately started a series of games in the yard with a soccer ball and three other balls. Things went from a kickball-like game to a soccer-like game. My granddaughter is six and my grandson is 3 ?. After it got dark enough we went in and before long everybody was ready for bed.

At 7 AM the kids were up and could hardly get breakfast over soon enough. They wanted to go out and resume the ball games. Then it was about 400 revolutions of the merry-go-round. Our home was a country schoolhouse originally and the playground equipment stayed for our kids and now for the grandkids. I was able to convince them that we needed to go exploring. Where? My granddaughter asked. She was surprised that I meant right here in the yard.

So we got two magnifying glasses from the house and off we went on our adventure.

First it was a stop by the log and the many shelf mushrooms growing on the side. The log is hollow so the next thing to do was get a good look inside. Then a short distance up the fence we found a bone, then another and another. Before long we had a plastic container full of bones. In the very corner of our acre were a few bricks remaining from the remodeling over thirty years ago. Overturning bricks produced enough worms and insects to get my grandson interested.

In fact, I was hard-pressed to get him to do anything else the rest of the day! Another plastic container for his representatives and we soon had centipedes and millipedes and slugs and a few things that I even didn't have names for.

Under a chunk of bark we discovered a Wooly Bear Caterpillar. My granddaughter got all excited. Her teacher had just told their class that if the found a caterpillar they could bring it to school. Back inside for another plastic container.

After lunch you guessed it back outside. This time to see and hold the pigeons and doves. And of course hunt for more bugs. Our flower beds look like a raccoon was there because everything is so over-turned. We did manage to fly the kite they found in the closet. Which wasn't very hard with the wind. It only managed to get away from them (us) once.

After snacks, it was time to think about getting the suitcase packed back up and things together to go pick up Grandma from work and the trip back down to their house. They were going to be able to visit the lab and see where Grandma worked.

When she asked what they had done that day, she was surprised to learn that the total amount of television watched that day was less than a half hour. We were just too busy. And I'm sure their mom appreciated the multiple containers of bones and bugs that accompanied the kids home.

It was a fun day.



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