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Ashley Sieh

April 10, 2016
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

Not wanting to cause controversy or issues, there is something that as a student at GR, I would like to share.

Gladbrook-Reinbeck School District has been my home for almost 13 years and in May, I will no longer be a student here. That being said, my connection with GR will not be over. As a student here, I have learned more from the coaches, teachers and fellow students I will carry with me for a lifetime. I will be forever thankful for that.

There are not many districts that have heart and passion for a school that ours has. We follow our teams no matter the travel time, we have support through all fine arts events, and academically we succeed in more ways than one. Success is something that is not foreign to us, but has become more popular over the years. And never once, no matter where we were, the state basketball tournament, the state football championships, or during the plays, have I ever felt a separation between the Gladbrook or Reinbeck students. We have always been one. Tearing the district apart will also tear those friendships apart and all of the success we have had, as one district.

My siblings and cousins will continue to go to GR even after I graduate. My younger brothers look up to the current athletes in the high school and their dream is to put on that GR uniform and win the school another championship. Instead of picking their favorite famous athlete, the boys and their friends pick their favorite GR player and want to be them in whatever sport they happen to be playing that day. What scares me and makes me feel the worst, is that my brothers and all of their friends may never be able to live out their dreams because of a decision that their parents, grandparents, and other members of the community get to make. Over one vote, their dream could be taken away from them.

This is not for pity, but there are more kids like my siblings who have dreams of becoming the next Rebel football, basketball, or volleyball star or perhaps want to be the next great performer. As students, we look to make our communities proud and over the past couple years, as a student, I have never been more disappointed in the way our communities have acted. Honestly, I think the people that care the most about this decision are the ones who don't actually get a vote. The students are the ones that this will affect and while parents want the best for them, are we really voicing our opinions based on what they want? I do not want my class or the class after me to be the last known graduates from GR. There are students who want to continue the legacy that has been set before them. I can speak for many students who say they have never felt separation between the two towns until now. I understand the joined district was hard to accept at first, but without it, would our towns be as successful as they are now? Would we have all of those state trophies to show for our district?

Both towns bring greatness to our district. Both towns have kids who make our district succeed and as amazing as it is now. Both towns bring diversity. BOTH towns need to be represented to make our school great. I encourage every parent, grandparent, etc. to talk to a student about how they feel about this. As a student, I want my class to leave a legacy. I want my class to prove that even though we are small, our school is mighty. I want to bring my kids back to Gladbrook-Reinbeck someday and show them where I went to school and all that my class and the classes before me have achieved. I know many in my class feel the same way.

I love GR and it will forever be my home. I ask that everyone who has the ability to vote, take into consideration what may happen if you vote yes to a dissolution. Think about your kids, and other kids who want to be the future of GR. Think about all of the success that GR brings to our communities. Think about everything we, as a district, have done to make it great. Think about all of the kids lives who this district has changed and the ones that will be changed in the future. Our district can continue to be strong and could be even better than ever. As we always say and should continue to say for years to come, WE ARE GR.

Ashley Sieh

Senior at Gladbrook-Reinbeck



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