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City election is Nov. 3

November 1, 2015
Reinbeck Courier

For council member

Brian Bunz

My name is Brian Bunz and I have lived in Reinbeck and been a business owner here for over 20 years. I am married to Chris Bunz and we have a son Mitchell who is a freshman at G-R High School. I have served the last 4 years on Reinbeck's City Council and am seeking re-election for another 4 year term.

The last 4 years while serving on the council has been quite a learning experience for me. There are many, many aspects to city government and the day to day operations of our city. The road has not been an easy one as we've had many very tough issues to deal with and try to resolve. Although our decisions may not have always been the most popular among some of our community members the decisions we're always made based on what was best for our city.

The accomplishment I am most proud of is that within the last 4 years we have been able to bring our city finances out of the red to now running in the black. The budget has been very tight but the council did whatever was necessary and will continue to do so in order to keep our city afloat.

I had the privilege of working with a great team of council members and city employees and would like to have the opportunity to keep things moving in a positive direction. I feel Reinbeck is a great city and I would be honored to be able to serve for another 4 years.

For council member

Jamie Eiffler

My name is Jamie Eiffler. I am seeking re-election to Reinbeck City Council. I am a lifetime resident of Reinbeck. I live here with my wife Tracy, son Tyler (18), and daughter Paige (15). I am a 27 year employee of Peterson Contractors Inc. I am also the Fire Chief for Reinbeck Fire and Rescue. I have been a member with them for the last 27 years as well.

Prior to being elected to City Council in 2004, I spent time attending meetings to get a feel for what they do and the challenges they face. Since being elected and spending the last 11 years on Council, I can appreciate what the past City fathers went through. Balancing a shrinking budget, yet wanting to do the best for the City is a daily challenge.

With my years as a councilman, many changes have been put in place: A new sewer plant, swimming pool, Westview, The Elms, Centennial Circle Drive housing development, Southridge housing development, many store front facelifts on Main Street, the remodel of the Memorial Building, etc. If re-elected, I will keep a list like this growing. We as a council have future plans for street repair and infrastructure repair.

Without all the planning and growth of a city, it will die. We as a council have been called "aggressive," I like that. It challenges me to do my best for you. You as citizens may or may not agree with my opinions or point of view, but I assure you that every decision I make will have citizens and what is best for Reinbeck at the forefront.

I will end by saying that we have a great staff. Stop down to City Hall and meet Julie, Dana and Eric. Then make your way around town and meet Rob, Trey and Jerry. Thank you for your past support of me as a councilman and support for this election as well.

For mayor

Tim Johnson

My name is Tim Johnson, and I am running for mayor for the City of Reinbeck. My wife, Joanie (Ehlers), and I have lived in Reinbeck for 18 years, and I have been a member of the Reinbeck Fire Department for 17 years.

Nearly two years ago, the Council appointed me mayor for the City of Reinbeck because the former mayor had resigned. It has been a challenging transition as our city finances have been very limited due to years of financial neglect. Despite these challenges, we are now moving in the right direction. It will still require much time and discipline to build up our finances to an ideal level.

With the help of the current Council, we have been able to staff all key positions within the City. I cannot say enough about our current employees; it's been an honor to work with all of them. They have worked hard to make many improvements in the City. I appreciate all of their efforts.

With that being said, we have several projects planned for the future: street/infrastructure replacement, park improvements, water/sewer plant upgrades, downtown lighting/projects, updated city equipment, etc. Because I am familiar with these plans, I would like to be a part of implementing them over the next years.

I appreciate the public for its support and patience over the last two years. I know it has not been easy to hear "no" from the City, but it had to be said to avoid financial collapse. Please support our Council and City employees as they are trying to make Reinbeck a better place to live.

For council member

Angie Schwartz

My name is Angie Schwartz. I have lived and worked in Reinbeck for 13 years. I have served the last 4 years on Reinbeck's City Council and am seeking re-election for a second term.

My first 4 years of serving on the City Council has been a real learning experience for me. I have learned a lot about city government and how city finances work as well as the rules that go along with them. The current council has had to make a lot of difficult decisions over the past 4 years. Although these decisions were not always favorable with the citizens, we believe that the decisions we made were in the best interest of the city.

The City's finances have been a major area of concern. We have had to make a lot of cuts and tough financial decisions but, because of this, we have seen the City's funds go from a deficit balance to currently sustaining themselves. We still have a lot of work to do and more tough decisions to make but with time and patience we can slowly move forward toward infrastructure, residential, and commercial improvements.

We have a great team on the city council and have a great team of city employees. I believe with this team we can keep moving forward and make Reinbeck an even greater city and a place where people will want to move to. I would be honored to serve the City of Reinbeck for another 4 year term.



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