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Herman Lenz

October 11, 2015
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

Its too easy to be seat belted, legal and DEAD because of some other drivers action. Nowadays there is technology that could stop speeding, texting and phone use while driving, but whenever any effective crash preventive thing is proposed to our lawmakers, they make a big spiel about it being an intrusion on our freedom. To such lawmakers (usually the Republicans), freedom means the right to run over others lives. Many claim to be pro-life to the extreme of forcing women to carry pregnancies that came from rape or incest, but these same lawmakers dump the right to life when it concerns increasing speed limits and enforcement cameras.

The fatality rate per 100 M.V.M.T. on Iowa interstates is running 21/2 times HIGHER now with a 70 MPH limit, thatn during 1983-86 when limited to 55 MPH, but they dump these ugly and politically un-favorable statistics into the total statewide numbers (which declined some) to hide this fact from public knowledge.

Why don't we ever hear of the so called pro-life religionists and lawmakers make as much protest about the murder and manslaugheter on our roads, as they make about Planned Parenthood and common sense birth control? The writers of the Bible didn't have the forsight to see a time when everyone uses a deadly machine capable of killing other lives, when traveling from place to place. The Bible is archaic and religion hasn't kept up with modern times.

Herman Lenz

Sumner, Iowa



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