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Pattie Bailey

September 27, 2015
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor and G-R Fans,

When I'm working in the den and Bruce is watching football in the living room, I can usually tell how the Bears are doing. If he's yelling a lot, I know the Bears aren't playing well (I know, some would say that's most of the time.) I'm not sure why (because I know they can't hear him), but I keep suggesting that he holler words of encouragement when they do something right. There wasn't a sound during today's game, but I found out the game was so bad Bruce had turned off the TV and had gone outside.

In the classroom, I hand out praise only when earned - but I watch for opportunities to tell kids they're doing the right thing. Improvement toward their reading goals deserves encouragement, and they need to hear that I know they're doing well. To be meaningful, it's important that my recognition of their accomplishments be specific and sincere.

Through the last few decades I've had my share of bleacher time, and I've spent a lot of hours sitting at board meetings. I've always respected what a difficult job our school board members and administrators have. That's never been more true than during these tough times in Iowa. How many districts, big and small, can we find that don't have difficult financial decisions to make? I appreciate you for showing your support for Gladbrook-Reinbeck Schools at the polls. The Board members have been and will continue to be good stewards of the G-R School District. Find an opportunity to tell them thanks for doing a good job.

I love G-R,

Pattie Bailey




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