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Mrs. Bailey

September 6, 2015
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor and G-R Fans,

As I write this letter, I'm making plans for the 4-B Tollbooth Ticket for Friday, the last day of a great first week of school. I'm bringing back Friday Reflections because it's always important for us to look back and reflect on what we've done so we can decide how to improve and grow.

I had brought my granddaughter Avery's polka dot plants to school for the Garden Tag Information lesson, the lesson I use to teach my fourth graders about how important their STAR tests for AR, pre-tests, and the Iowa Assessments are. They understood that I wanted to learn about them so I knew what each of them needed to learn about reading and math and writing- just as the plants' Garden Tags tell about how much water, sun and nutrients each kind of plant needs.

The kids worked with a partner or in small groups to plan their "Priscilla Project." They selected hats, created characters, and helped each other decide what we should know about them - so that we could appreciate who they are and so that we could learn to work together.

The kids in 4-B found out Minute-to-Win-It wasn't the TV game, but the math activity gave us the opportunity to share with each other what we knew about math concepts.

We're still getting used to writing Idea Catchers in our Planners - those interesting things we notice each day. I want them to stop and listen to that cardinal singing at the top of the tree - to pay attention to the dew glistening on the spider web - to be amazed when they see the patchwork of the autumn leaves. We'll start today to write poetry and stories with these Catchers as the 'seeds.'

I'm excited about the year with these kids. One of the pictures I have in my head from this first week of school is of those darn Polka Dot Plants. The morning after our Garden Tag lesson, I walked into my classroom and saw that, overnight, those plants not only looked healthier but had bloomed! - tiny purple flowers had popped among the polka-dotted leaves. Can't wait to see the kids in 4-B bloom this year too.

I love what I do. I've watched three generations of students bloom in my classroom and hope to do the same for many years to come. Please vote for a bright future for Gladbrook-Reinbeck Schools. Join the G-R school community at the polls and vote for the 4 candidates to fill the 4 positions on the G-R School Board on Tuesday, September 8th, the day after Labor Day. It's easy to remember who is '4 G-R': Anne, Eric, Lisa and Matt all have 4 letters in their first names. Make the right choice for the future of the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School District.

I Love G-R,

Mrs. Bailey




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