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Pattie Bailey

August 23, 2015
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

Some people have been asking: "Who is Anne Boyer?" I'm proud to say that Anne Bailey Boyer is my daughter. I'm proud that she's running for the G-R School Board because she wants G-R to continue to be G-R. She, Eric, Lisa and Matt will work FOR the school district and not against it as the candidates from Gladbrook will. The single Gladbrook candidate on the ballot signed the petition to get rid of G-R; she and those involved in the write-in campaign in Gladbrook want the G-R Schools to be gone (and you can be sure there will be write-ins because they want to control the board to control the dissolution process). A vote for them is a vote for the town of Gladbrook not for the education of kids in Reinbeck and in Gladbrook.

Someone said to me this spring, "If he were here, wouldn't your dad be angry about this dissolution petition, Pattie." Yes, Harold Petersen would be fighting mad. Dad served on the school board for many years and worked for positive things to happen for kids, and both and he and Mother (who would be SO angry that a group of people in Gladbrook would want to end my career in teaching) would also be very proud of Anne Bailey Boyer for wanting to serve the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School District.

I hope you will join me in getting out the vote for Anne, Eric, Lisa and Matt on September 8th to save the G-R Schools. Every vote for them is critical for the future of G-R Schools. Spread the word.

I Love G-R

Pattie Bailey




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