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Jack C. Boyer

February 23, 2015
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

Superintendent Holloway and Board Members of the Gladbrook-Reinbeck Community School District,

I am writing this to express my appreciation for the work that each of you has endured during the investigation of the future financial viability of the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School District. It appears to me that you have covered most of the potential options that the district has for postponing the financial collapse of the district. You have hired consultants that have worked through this situation in their own districts and sought their council on how to work through the process.

You have the proposals that you, the Board came up with. You have the information the community groups came up with. You have the recommendation that the consulting group came up with.

It was my understanding that your original goal for the decision was to provide for the best education for our students possible.

Given that goal and the information that has been presented to date it appears that there is really only one option presented that best meets that goal. Follow the money, which includes the cost and risks with transportation of the students.

Even with the larger savings that this option provides, it will only postpone the decision of the next consolidation, but at least it will make G-R stronger and give more time to select the next partner to consolidate with. Anything less will hasten the date for that future consolidation.

Any discussion about impact on the communities, open enrollment out from one community or the other, or sports schedules, as being a reason to influence the decision is very short sighted and is not really putting the education of the students first.

Any further delay in making this decision will only serve to divide the communities. None of the options are without consequences for the communities. None of the options are ideal. There are compromises with each and every one of them, some more for one community, some more for the other, however this is about the opportunity to provide for the best education of the students and buy time before the next consolidation.

In summary, please do not delay the decision further. Make the decision that best provides for the educational opportunities of the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School District, and given the information presented; it appears to be with K-12 in Reinbeck.

Thank you for all that you have done to this point and your interest in providing for an educational system that will allow students to successfully compete academically, in this increasingly competitive world.

Now to the Communities of Reinbeck, Gladbrook, Lincoln, Morrison, Dinsdale, & Voorhies

I request that you show your support for the Board and staff as they make this decision and try to implement that decision. They have worked hard to get to this point and any negative comments about one community versus the other are counterproductive. Let's unite behind the School Board, Mr. Holloway and the Gladbrook-Reinbeck Community School District. Call, Write, E-Mail, or use whatever communication method you are most comfortable with, to express your appreciation to Mr. Holloway and the School Board for their leadership in seeking a solution to this problem.

Jack C. Boyer



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