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Keith Sash

February 15, 2015
Reinbeck Courier

February is sure coming in like a lion - hope it goes out like a lamb and March has a better start. It's the first day of February and we have 8 to 10 inches of snow with 20 to 40 mph winds. The temperature is dropping too. What more could we ask for?

I hope everyone remembers the snow ordinance and get your sidewalks shoveled. Also make sure your cars are not parked on the wrong side of the street. This could cause the city to have them removed.

As most of you know, the GR school is in financial hard times. They need to make some hard cuts to the budget and there is very much a chance of closing one of the two elementary buildings. This will be a very tough decision for the board to make.

In public meetings that we have had, there were reasons given to make this building closure necessary - one being the amount of travel between schools that the faculty has to make. It was said that both the librarian and assistant librarian have to travel taking up classroom time. Why is this necessary? Keep one in Reinbeck and the other in Gladbrook and rotate every other day. No extra travel is necessary.

GR Board, look at your schedule and see if the same rotation would work for other teachers. That saves quite a lot of money. It was said that we have three sections of kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades with about 17 kids in Gladbrook and 27 kids in Reinbeck. By closing one of the elementary buildings we could eliminate a section in all three grades.

The Board could get the same results without closing a building by putting a class of each in Gladbrook and the same in Reinbeck making the same financial cuts. If parents in the Reinbeck classes feel their classrooms are too crowded, give them the right to move their child to Gladbrook. This would be a parental decision, not a Board requirement. This would save at least $150,000.

It has been said at both public meetings by several people that this is all about the money and to close the building that would save the most money in the long run. If that is what is wanted, know that by far the largest savings comes from going to a one building system which would require that to be the Gladbrook site. It is the only one capable of holding everything.

The GR Board has said that is not an option as there must be a school building in Reinbeck. I agree. But give Gladbrook the same consideration. If you the GR Board vote to close the Gladbrook site, then don't say it gives us the most financial savings because it doesn't. A one building system does that - just say it is because you want everything to be in Reinbeck as that would be the truth.

Keith Sash, Gladbrook Mayor



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