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Herman Lenz

February 8, 2015
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

Would that hunter harassment law stand constitutional challenge? See the Iowa Constitution , article 1 bill of rights section 6. Why are hunters a privileged group? Our lawmakers cater to the places where the MONEY comes from, but it doesn't come from the animal rights people. Such lawmakers know the average citizen/s don't have a million dollars to challenge some law, so the citizen's just pay the fine when charged. Most hunting of deer, coyote, or fox are not legal once the chase gets going. They 1. use motor vehicles to chase or head off animals, speed, stop, or park on the traveled part of the road, turn around, making a hazard for other motorists. 2. They're not seat belted. They cannot get a gun our the window to shoot while seat belted. 3. They shoot from the road into property without permission from the owner (this is worse than trespassing). 4. They carry loaded and un-cased guns in vehicles. 5. They have comrades trespassing in fields camouflaged in white (if snow on the ground) so they can trespass without knowledge of the owners.

There's a new move to allow silencers on guns, so residents won't know such hazards and trespassers are around. I hope enough citizens can forsee the public danger in this because the hunters will present enough excuses towards legalizing such silencers.

This letter is no attack on the second amendment. The primary purpose of the second amendment is found around 125-300 words into the Declaration of Independence, and it has nothing to do with sport hunting.

Wildlife is managed in such a way as to provide more live targets for those who find fun in killing, wounding and causing misery to other species. Wildlife managers are avid hunters and trappers. Wouldn't it be just as fair to have such management done by animal rights activists? The slate traders use to manage the slaves. For more information on the above, check into www.all-creatures.rg/cash.

Herman Lenz

Sumner, Iowa



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