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Healthy holiday eating tips, courtesy of GCMH dietitians

December 28, 2014
Reinbeck Courier

GRUNDY CENTER Celebrations with family, friends, and co-workers fill up the calendar as Christmas and New Year's approach. The gatherings feature plenty of food, however, and it's easy to put on extra weight during the holiday season.

Grundy County Memorial Hospital (GCMH) dietitian Wendy Brewer suggests that you can arm yourself with a few tips before heading out to your holiday celebrations. "The key is to have a plan before the party," says Brewer. "Attending a buffet or dinner party without a plan usually leads to overeating." Here are Brewer's tips:

- Eat a piece of fruit or a small healthy snack and drink a glass of water before you go to the party so you don't arrive hungry

- Look at the foods that are available and choose a set amount of favorites that you will try

- Once you've filled your plate, sit away from the food area so it's not easy to return for seconds

- Sit while eating rather than walking around with a plate or drink.

- Do not graze or nibble. Nibbles add up! When you are ready to eat your meal, choose your food, eat it, and be done!

- Drink water frequently to stay full and hydrated. Alternating water with drinks that are high in calories helps you limit consumption of liquid calories.

- If you feel like splurging, choose to splurge with only one food item. Choose your favorite food, and savor it. Cut calories elsewhere, or add in extra activity to your day to allow for it.

Finally, Brewer says to remember your focus while you're at the celebration people, not food. Mingle and enjoy those around you, and your attention will not be on the array of food choices, but on the people you are celebrating with! Information on the hospital's nutrition counseling and dietitian services may be found at



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