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Answers to the 1955 phone directory quiz

May 18, 2014
Reinbeck Courier

Answers to the 1955 Reinbeck Phone Directory Quiz published last week:

1. __D_ Reinbeck's most-purchased furniture was a) Italian; b) German; c) French; or d) Early American. (Ward French ran French Furniture store.)

2. _F__Otto Knaack lived a) down from the Sieh house; b) behind the Presbyterian church; c) across from the Linder sisters and Doc Mosey; d) on the same block as Doc Henderson; e) none of a-d); or f) all of a-d.

3. _A__ Which 1955 appliance dealer's first name rhymed with "diesel?" Phone numbers are listed to assist: a) Robinson, 70; b) Wheeler, 58; c) Mitchell, 391; d) Dudolski, 216; e) Schneider or Larsen, 287; or f) P. Robinson, 60. (Cecil K. Robinson sold IH farm Machinery and had a line of IH Appliances.)

4. __F__ Which family did not live on the same block? a) Schwarting; b) Nissen; c)Anderson; d) Rosenberger; e) Mason; or f) E. Rickert. (All resided on the block of the Old Methodist Church while Emil and Rose Mumm Rickert lived elsewhere.)

5. _A or B_ If town cop Stanley Cameron's home phone was off the hook, which neighbor would the operator to call to rouse him (give the two best answers)? a) Bert Bern,353-black; b) Amanda or Hookie Tank, 136-black; c) Ona Hoeg, 121-F9; d) Jack Fiet, 51-Black; e) Mayor R.C. Shoup, 320; or f) Victor Claussen, 162-Black. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but Stan Cameron's immediate neighbor to the west was Bern and to the east, Tank. Shoups across the street were also close.)

True and False

_T__ A term for a local clergy person was "Pandaddy."

_F__ Smitty's Dairy delivered both fresh milk and the Des Moines Register daily to homes.

_T__ You could call the Dinsdale School from Reinbeck and not incur long distance charges.

_T__ You could connect with Bill Ballard at home, but the number at his tavern was not listed.

_F__ These Main Street stores faced north in 1955: Lonergans, Lyle Robinson's,

Green's Grocery, and Pitey and Bub's Apothecary. All south.

_T_ These Main Street stores faced north in 1955: Alexander's Shoes, Mulders Shave and a Haircut, Schneider and Larsen, and the Post Office. (Schneider and Larsen were on the south side of Main at the time, in rickety wooden building. The post office in the Ehlers Building also had a west entrance for deliveries)

_T_ Jim and Blanche O'Brien's Dairy Bar was open all day Sundays and evenings, with grease changed every two weeks, if needed.

_F_ You could call either the Morrison School or Morrison's CRI&P depot from Reinbeck and incur long distance charges. Both the Morrison School and Railroad Depot were still standing in 1955 but were closed to business.



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