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Don’t you worry! John 14:1-6

February 2, 2014
Pastor Boyce - St. John’s Lutheran, Reinbeck , Reinbeck Courier

Verse 1. "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.

Advice from parents over the years, especially in times of challenge and troubles, has been: "Don't worry!" The last time I actually heard it on the receiving end was from Mom back in the early 80's when I had concerns about how my parenting skills seemed inadequate. "Don't worry! You are doing fine."

Now I see the challenges for families and for our nation and the world. So many things are so out of balance. Even the 2014 Winter Olympic Games are bringing many headlines and fears into perspective. I don't need to give a long list to prove the darkness in our world continues. As long as mankind is on this earth, there will be sin and darkness of troubled times.

The Disciples knew that Jesus was about to depart from them as they faced the reality of His Passion to come. They didn't know many of the details, but knew it was carrying a death sentence for Christ. But their fears were compounded as Jesus' Disciples realized that if Jesus was no longer their leader, it would be they whom the religious leaders and governing authorities would be challenging.

When finding myself getting up tight about a busy schedule or about a challenging time, I look to these words of Jesus, as our Lord encouraged the disciples and continues to encourage us. "Do not continue to worry, trust in God, trust also in me."

After Jesus had celebrated the Passover for the last time, in which the slain lamb was a type of Christ's sacrificial death, He left the Upper Room with His disciples to go to the Garden of Gethsemane, where His betrayal by Judas and capture by the temple guard would occur.

Having announced to His disciples His separation and approaching death, the Savior spoke words of comfort and counsel to His disciples. These are contained in John 14-17, known as the "Farewell Address," which climaxes in the "High priestly Prayer." John 14-16 are concerned with three dominant truths of this Gospel:

The witness to the divine nature of Christ, who is true God and true man

The Character and development of faith as one walks by faith in Christ

The experiences and qualities of the life in which God has created faith in our hearts and continues to sustain it in us by the power of His Holy Spirit.

God uses these verses in His Gospel through John, chapter 14, to empower and guide us each day. The first twelve verses of chapter 14 contain the answers to mankind's basic needs and fundamental questions. In chapter 14 we look at the all-sufficiency of the Risen Christ to satisfy our basic concerns and questions. We see that Jesus is all-sufficient because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life(vs 6); no one comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ. Jesus shows how to walk the straight and narrow path as His faithful disciples (Matthew 7:13-14).

Jesus is all-sufficient for you and me because He is the Life. Jesus Christ is the source of all forms of life - plant and animal (John 1:3; 1:6). He is the source of all human life (John 1:3; He 1:3) and He is the source of spiritual and eternal life (John 17:3)

Jesus says to you and me, as He says to the Disciples, "Do not continue to worry, trust in God, trust also in me." (John 14:1)

God's rich Epiphany blessings, Emmanuel is with us and gives daily blessings and peace!



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