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Qigong & yoga classes offered

September 1, 2013
Reinbeck Courier

Qigong is an ancient energy healing modality, it comes from China. China has done research on Qigong and found it effective in preventing and healing many diseases. Qi is universal energy that makes up and flows through everything in the universe. In our bodies Qi means vitality or life force. Chinese medicine and meditation is about Qi. Moving the Qi or getting the Qi is very important. Qigong is all about balance, balancing the energy of the mind, body, emotions and spirit. The mind and body, the emotions and spirit are not separate things. They are all a part of you. Yin and yang energies must be in good balance. If there is an imbalance it will create sickness. When Yin and Yang are not in good balance a blockage will form in the body. Colds, arthritis, depression, tumor, etc., are symptoms of the imbalance of yin and yang. This blockage keeps energy from flowing freely in the energy channels. These energy channels run throughout the body. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But, energy can be transformed, changed, manipulated, put to use. Illness is also a form of energy, but we can transform it into something beautiful and blessing. There is not good or bad energy, just too much energy. Breathing is life. This is one way of bringing Qi into our bodies.

Dogs breath much faster than humans and do not live as long. Sea turtles breath only a few times a minute and live much longer than we do. Breathing in short, rapid breaths like a dog is not healthy for humans. Slow deep, relaxed breathing like the turtle is very healthy.

Qigong breathing increases the intake of oxygen and greatly enhances the metabolism of oxygen in the tissues of the body, especially the muscles. By pulling in your lower stomach in a little as you inhale and letting it out as you exhale you are enhancing your communication of energy. When we breath in this manner we are stimulating the automatic, self-healing response in your body. Our feelings, thoughts and emotions are all energy. When the resonance of negative feelings happens too often it can damage an organ. Over-excitement affects the heart energy, anger affects the liver energy, fear affects the kidney energy, depression affects the lung energy and too much mental work makes imbalances in the stomach and pancreas. Think of a smile. It makes you feel better. A smile helps your body relax. Your respiration, heart rate, immune system, every part of you is positively affected

Qigong uses gentle movements to balance the yin & yang and uses deep breathing to maximize our oxygen intake. Yoga uses several different poses together to create strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.

Rising Sun Karate in Reinbeck will be offering Qigong & yoga classes on Wednesday nights starting Sept. 18th. If interested please call Angie Buffington at 319-345-2142.



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