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Catherine Offner

August 11, 2013
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor;

To The Park Board of Reinbeck

One of the nicest things about our town, until this year at least, was the pool. It was warm and clean, a place to go to exercise, meet with friends, or just hang out and sunbathe.

I really looked forward to the pool opening this summer. Unfortunately, it was not ready. It opened late and it was still cold and dirty (inside and out) and the staffing was not adequate. Then it looked hopeful for awhile. The pool was sparkling clean, the temperature was variable, but generally pleasant, and the pool was open during regular hours. Now it is cold and dirty again, and weeds grow inside the gates which are often closed.

I really don't know why things are so poorly managed, but it's always no one's fault, at least, no one who will step forward to take charge and fix the problems.

It is sad that what was once one of our greatest amenities has fallen into such sad, neglected state.

I miss the pool and I feel that someone owes the swimmers and pool users some sort of compensation. A nice clean available pool would be good, especially for those of us who bought season tickets. What a waste!


Catherine Offner



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