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Grundy County 4-H scholarships awarded

June 2, 2013
Reinbeck Courier

Grundy County 4-H awards $100 Scholarships to each graduating 4-H member who submits an application. 4-H is all about empowering youth to reach their full potential. It also promotes and values youth as powerful members of society and believes that learning should be a life-long commitment all while doing our very best and making the best better. In hopes of encouraging the continuation of these values as students move forward with their studies; Grundy County 4-H Program has awarded the following 4-H members. All graduating 4-H members received 4-H Tassels & members of County 4-H Council leadership team received 4-H Leadership Cords.

4-H members receiving scholarships:

Connor Noteboom, Grundy Center. Connor is a member of the Colfax Future Farmers. Conner was active in cattle, swine, photography, gardening and woodworking project areas. One of the life skills he gained through 4-H is responsibility with showing livestock and caring for the animals. He also shared that 4-H has taught him about leadership and how to set a good example for younger kids. Connor enjoyed being a part of service projects with his club. It made him feel like they were helping make their communities a better place.

Rogette Lizer, Dike-New Hartford. Rogette is a member of Lincoln Jr. Farmers 4-H club and the County 4-H Council. She chose to summarize her 4-H experience in one word, "GREAT!" Rogette shared that one of the best experiences for her personal development has been conference judging. It has helped her with her language development and self-confidence in speaking with adults and describing a process. Rogette was adopted from Haiti when she was 15 and did not know any English. Her first year of fair was very intimidating. The judges and volunteers were very accommodating and helpful to her. Since that first experience she has not been afraid to talk with the judges and it also helped her to be able to talk with her teachers at school as well.

Mackenzie Johnston, Dike-New Hartford. Mackenzie is a member of Lincoln Jr Farmers and County 4-H Council. Through 4-H, Mackenzie has learned the importance of helping people in a community. It has been a very rewarding experience for her. 4-H also helped her to be less nervous and become a more effective speaker. Mackenzie said that she used to be shy, but thru 4-H she learned how to have her own voice and become a leader. As a young

4-H'er she looked up to the club president. She used to think that this was something she could never do. Now she has gained the confidence to stand up in front of others with no fear. She is proud to have become one of the people she looked up to for years by becoming the club president. She is very thankful for the skills

4-H gave her to help her become successful in the future.

Craig Schott, Dike-New Hartford. Craig is a member of the Buck Grove Buckaneers and County 4-H Council. 4-H has increased Craig's leadership, citizenship and communication skills. He has served as club president, worked with a variety of community members, and learned about the difference between right and wrong over the years. He also learned more about volunteering. Before joining 4-H volunteering was something he was afraid to do but now it has become a natural thing to do. Craig has learned thru 4-H that is not all about making money but giving back time to others. One of his favorite volunteer experiences has been working with the Clover Kids group. Clover Kid activities have had an impact on his life by teaching him how to be a better adult and how to treat little kids.

Bret Cunningham, Dike-New Hartford. Bret is a member of the County 4-H Council, Buck Grove Buckaneers and also a member of a club in Dubuque County. Bret has gained a lot of experience in a future career through her work with mentors in a Beef project area. She has be motivated to work hard on her projects, become a leader by helping others learn more about their projects and also volunteers whenever needed. 4-H has been fun and has offered her many things to get involved in. 4-H has opened up a new door to her future degree in Animal Science.

Raquel Luhring, Dike-New Hartford. Raquel is a member of the Lincoln Jr Farmers club. 4-H has helped Raquel become more of a leader and less of a follower. Communication was a key life skill that she learned through 4-H. It has helped her to overcome her fear of talking to people she does not know. 4-H has made her a better person in many ways. She loved working with her friends and teaching little kids. This has helped her in choosing a career path of becoming a teacher someday. She has met many new people and learned a lot about skills you use every day.

Lydia Pakala, Dike-New Hartford. Lydia is a member of the Lincoln Jr. Farmers and County 4-H Council. Lydia shared that 4-H is so much more than the projects! She has become comfortable speaking in front of her peers and leaders through the presentations she did at her club meetings. She has never considered herself to be a leader but during meetings was given opportunities and through learning from others felt she has become a better leader herself. 4-H has pushed her to new limits in a very fun and accepting environment. Whenever she struggled with her animal projects she found there were always helpers to pick her up and tell her it was ok and it happens to everyone. 4-H gave her the opportunity to try new things and see what she could really do.

Graduating 4-H members are: Maddie Ehrhardt (Grundy Center), Austin Sawyer (Grundy Center).

Grundy County 4-H is a great program for the whole family to grow together. Join us for the 2013-2014 4-H year! Enrollments will begin this fall.



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