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“O LORD, our Lord, How excellent is Your name in all the earth, Who have set Your glory above the heavens!” (Psalm 8:1)

May 26, 2013
Pastor Boyce - St. John’s Reinbeck , Reinbeck Courier

We hear a lot about Jesus in Bible studies and devotions during the week of Pentecost. It was on Pentecost that the name of Jesus was preached and declared to people of all kinds of nations and tongues and tribes.

May 26th is the Festival of the Holy Trinity. The Scriptures teach us that we worship one God in three Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. That is the triune name into which people have been baptized into faith in Jesus Christ. Truly that is a name that is the most excellent in all the earth!

When we sing on Trinity Sunday that God has set His glory above the heavens, we mean Jesus. The Son of God became man and died for sinners. He rose from the dead and ascended to the right hand of the Father. He is the glory of God, in the flesh having suffered for sinners and risen again.

It is Jesus who reveals the Father to us, and who sends the Holy Spirit to bestow His forgiveness upon us. When we say the Lord's name is excellent, we are rejoicing in Jesus' name because He is our Savior and the one who has rescued us from all sin and death.

No wonder we pray in Jesus' name, have sermons preached in Jesus' name and hear the Scriptures read that point us to Jesus. It's because He has put His name upon us, and our whole life is one in which we confess God's name and what He has done for us.

So on Trinity Sunday, notice how the service begins with the sign of the cross and the Lord's name. Notice how it ends with the same - a blessing in the Name of the Lord. And hear how everything in between points to and delivers the Good News of that name of our Lord and God.

Christians rejoice in their redemption through the death and resurrection of Christ. We hear the name of Jesus and know it is the answer to our spiritual needs, now and to eternity. In Christ we have life, abundant and full by the undeserved love of the Creator-Father and source of all life.

A blessed Trinity Sunday and Season of Pentecost.



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