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Jeremy Dugan

May 26, 2013
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

My seventeen year old son had some car trouble recently and the actions that were taken by the city of Reinbeck made me wonder a couple of things. First, is Reinbeck still "The town that does good things better" and secondly, what ever happened to small town living.

As I said my son had some car trouble, actually a lot of it lately. The last incident left him stranded in the parking lot at the city park. Being that I work out of town I was not much help to Shawn. But he seemed to be handling the situation rather well. He decided instead of dumping more money into his car he would simply have a salvage yard come pick it up and receive three hundred dollars for it. A couple of days later he was contacted by the county sheriff's office and notified them of his intentions. After talking with the sheriff, Shawn talked to the mayor and city hall and said the car would be towed in a couple of days, as soon as the salvage yard could make it to the park to pick the car up. Did I mention the car was in the parking lot at the city park? Had current tags... Not sitting in the middle of Main Street.

Then Iowa gets hit with a rare May snow and the company Shawn had contacted got busy and could not make it to pick the car up. But as far as the city is concerned that's too bad. Apparently everyone at city hall was too busy to contact Shawn to find out why the car hadn't yet been towed. No time for a nasty gram to let the poor kid know the vehicle must be removed.

Quentin did however have time to contact a towing company in Grundy Center to have the car removed. Not to Shawns residence, but to a secured location. Well thank you very much Mr. City Administrator! Job well done. Oh that's right the city employees were getting ready to clean up at the park. I would have hated for them to knock off work five minutes early because they couldn't clean up around that big ole grand prix in the parking lot!

Jeremy Dugan



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