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Ray Rannfeldt

May 12, 2013
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

What a loss. What a loss for all of us it would be to lose the privilege we enjoy in getting rid of branches and lawn debris at our town dump sites! Yet, that threat looms over us more and more each day. The EPA visits our sites periodically and, if they see garbage or other waste that does not belong at the site, they will either fine us (your tax dollars wasted), visit more often to determine the extent of the problem or close the sites down. Obviously we do not want the EPA watching our every move, even if we do follow the rules.

So, what can each of us do the ensure the branch and lawn debris sites remain open.

1. Follow the instructions printed on the signs at the site. Do not dump garbage of any kind but especially plastic since it does not disintegrate. No pails, flower pots, plastic bags, etc. No lumber of any kind.

2. Pay attention when you use the sites for those that violate the posted rules. Either talk to them directly or write down their license plate numbers so they can be educated. Cameras at the sites have caught several violators resulting in fines for the offenders but they can be limited in what they catch.

With all of us working together, we can continue to enjoy this privilege.

Ray Rannfeldt



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