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A note of appreciation

April 21, 2013
Tom Boheman - G-R teacher , Reinbeck Courier

I consider myself a pretty observant kind of guy, and lately I have noticed some things when I enter the hallowed halls of GR. The observant nose might pick up the scent of something old, something that has aged. You might even notice a few things starting to sag and even fall off. Let's face it, over time things show their age and there is no stopping the steady plod of father time, but enough about Mr. Bailey.

Mr. Bailey is not the only thing here at GR showing some signs of age. The high school here at GR was not built within the last decade but the great thing about a school is that the new versus old thing really does not mean a lot. What makes a school a SCHOOL are the people in and around it, not bricks and mortar. Besides, this school still looks pretty darn good for its age, its been well kept, kinda like me!

When I first began teaching my biggest worries were keeping the parchment dry and making sure my horse was not double parked. Things have changed a bit since then and a lot of schools surrounding us have changed as well. I have been in a great many schools that still have that new car smell, but after seeing the part that is the most important aspect of a school, I'm happy to be at GR. We have great kids here at GR as well as some pretty fantastic people in the community.

By now Smoldt and Bailey are rolling there eyes because this article has gone on too long already (or because its after 4:00 and their supper has made them sleepy) so I better get to the point. Besides having great kids here at GR, we have some pretty amazing people doing their part to keep GR headed in the right direction. Let me give you just a few examples.

Each year Randy, Viv and Justina Mercer and their families have generously given money to the boosters from the Bryce Mercer Memorial fund. Their generosity in Bryce's name has provided the athletes and other extra curricular activities at GR with many opportunities which would otherwise not be possible. As if that was not enough, they also provide two scholarship opportunities for our seniors. I appreciate the entire Mercer family for what they do for this school district.

The science department at the high school receives money from Trunck's Country Foods through their Save-N-Share program. We have put this money to good use and provided new technology to our students. Once again here is a family giving generously to many programs here at GR that would otherwise not have the money to provide what we need to help our kids.

Not that long ago I received an e-mail from Doug and Jane Koele who came across some new technology that will enable my anatomy class to conduct some really neat research pertaining to the neuromuscular system. We will be able to listen to the transmission of motor nerve impulses and research the connection between the nervous system and muscular response. Heck, we can even hook up a cockroach's leg to one of these devices and create a neural response from sound waves that will make its leg move!

The Grundy County Heritage Foundation, for the past several years have been instrumental in providing grants which enable the entire district to purchase equipment and technology that greatly enhances many curricular areas. This year they have provided funds for the purchase of ten microscopes for my classroom.

Well there you have it. The building we are in may be old, but a lot of the ideas and technology being used are very new and due in part to the great people in this community. In addition to all that, we have some of the greatest administration a school could ask for. Mr. Keuhl, Mr. Leeman and Mr. Williams are great for the GR school district. The kids and the people I work with and for make coming to work each day something I do not take for granted.

I have rambled on long enough, at least I am sure Mr. Bailey has classified this as more of a book than an article. An interesting bit information about Mr. Bailey I recently discovered, when the majority of us bring the terms Mayflower and Plymouth we are speaking of a moving company or maybe our first car. I now know in Mr. Bailey's mind these two words brings back memories of his first cruise ship and port of call.



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