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100th day of school

February 3, 2013
Emily Snider - Editorial Intern , Reinbeck Courier

Every year, the Reinbeck Elementary holds a celebration for the 100th day of school. The day is filled with a lot of activities regarding the number 100. The students were put into groups mixed with all ages. Each grade created an activity for the groups of students to participate in.

The Kindergartners activity was to make hats in which they were required to count by tens to one hundred. The first graders' activity was to draw and fill out a paper that included questions about what they look like now and 100 years later. They also had to include what they would be doing then. The second grade class activity required the students to roll dice and color in a square, for the amount that they rolled. The first one to fill in a 100 square chart was the winner. The third graders' game required the students to make 100 squares. They took turns drawing lines to form squares. When they drew the line, to finish the square, they put their initials in the square. The person with the most initialed squares won. Fourth grade classes had an activity that used creativity. Everyone was given the number 100 on a sheet of paper, and they had to make something out of it.

The Kindergarten students also set a goal, which was to collect 100 food and paper products for the local food bank. They were able to collect 178 items to donate. Another one of the things that the Kindergartners were able to do was to write, by 10's, to 100 on a t-shirt. They all wore them on the 100th day of school. The IMPACT group purchased the shirts, for these students, and made this activity possible.

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Upon asking what their thoughts were. Mrs. Egesdal, a Kindergarten teacher shared, "My class made a graph, sharing their favorite activity of the day. The most popular activity was making a hat. It's so amazing how much they've learned over these 100 days and how fast the year is going by. The day was a lot of fun and it was exciting to see kids of all ages joined together and the entire school participating. It was a great cooperation of the staff and students to make this celebration possible and a great experience."

Caleb Egesdal replied, "It was an awesome day with great activities. The day went so fast and so has 100 days of school."

IMPACT and others contributed to make the shirts and food challenge possible. The teachers look forward to 80 more days with the kids filled with learning!



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