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Lauri Coffman

July 1, 2012
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor;

Is City Hall at it againare they trapping cats and dumping them illegally? Are they poisoning them? That's the word around town anyway?! Also, during the council meeting broadcast on the Reinbeck channel the question was asked - are we going to continue doing the same thing to the cats? The next words were, "Meeting adjourned!" If that doesn't have "GUILTY" written all over it I don't know what does. Hmmmmmm cats have been coming up dead (with no apparent injuries) and missing.

Some folks at City Hall continue to be part of the problem, not the solution of feral cats. Proven solutions have been given to City Hall over and over and yet they continue to be part of the problem instead of the solution. You can continue to kill and dump and guess what, more will take their place. And we hear it over and over that the town folk don't like cats using their gardens and flowerbeds as litter boxes. Guess what, the cats would rather be indoors, fed and warm and not out desperately trying to survive. Until humans quit dumping their cats and all get spayed or neutered, feral cat populations will continue. Also don't want to hear that the cats kill birdswell that's what cats do since they can't run to the local grocery store and pickup some kibble. Besides, your house windows and cars kill more birds than any cat. So get over it people, give them a place to get out of the weather, provide them food and water and be glad they're around and keeping mice out of your home because when one leaves, another will take it's place!

Do the compassionate thing, SPAY or NEUTER and BE PART OF THE SOLUTION, NOT THE PROBLEM!

Lauri Coffman




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