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Rosie Patridge

June 10, 2012
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor;

If Chuck Gipp is appointed Director of the DNR, his job will be to lead the department in its mission to "conserve and enhance resources." But his record proves that corporate profits are the only thing he is interested in conserving and enhancing. The market can determine the prices of many things, but not the value of clean water and air. As anyone who enjoyed the outdoors this holiday weekend knows, it would be impossible to put a price tag on our state's bountiful natural resources. But since the value of clean water and air can never be reflected on a balance sheet, corporations will always act without regard to these invaluable resources. The DNR's mission is to regulate businesses so that they take the public good into account. It is the only entity that can perform that vital role.

Gipp spent his time as the House majority leader eviscerating the DNR's ability to fulfill this mission, and it's certain he would continue this pro-corporate agenda as Director of the DNR. How does it make sense to appoint someone who doesn't think our natural resources need defending to lead the only department that can do that essential job?


Rosie Patridge

Wall Lake, Iowa



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