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Dennis Dolmage

June 3, 2012
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor;

On June 5th there is a primary election to determine the Republican nominee for Iowa House District 50. As a farmer, I know I won't get adequate results, as with most industries, without people showing up to work on time, or do their respective jobs and to do them diligently. If I don't show up at the farm to plant my crops during the right time period, the food supply will be negatively impacted.

Showing up to work everyday is also vital in the Iowa House of Representatives. Every vote brought up to the Iowa House floor is the duty, the responsibility, and the opportunity to represent approximately 30,000 people in a representatives's state house district, as well as all Iowans.

Representative Pat Grassley has served six years in the State House and I know no one who works harder to ensure that he presents the people who elected him every time he is given the opportunity. It is almost unheard of for an Iowa House Representative to cast a vote every time one is presented on the House floor. Representative Pat Grassley has served six years in the House participating in thousands of votes during that time period. In fact, he is the only representative to cast a vote on all legislation on the House floor during that time period.

Achieving this feat isn't easy, especially when he is raising two adorable girls with his wife Amanda while also farming the land he grew up on with his father and grandfather. Pat has told me that if he missed a vote on the House floor, that he would feel like he was breaking his oath to the people who elected him.

Representative Grassley is the only person on the ballot on June 5th vying for reelection to House District 50 to cast a vote on the House floor every time. As he is one of the hardest working members of the Iowa House, I can't imagine the Iowa House of Representatives without Representative Pat Grassley. Please join me in supporting Representative Pat Grassley by voting for him on June 5th.

Dennis Dolmage

Grundy Center, Iowa



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