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Grundy County 4-H $100 scholarships awarded

May 27, 2012
Reinbeck Courier

Grundy County 4-H awards $100 Scholarships to each graduating 4-H member who submits an application. 4-H is all about empowering youth to reach their full potential. It also promotes and values youth as powerful members of society and believes that learning should be a life-long commitment all while doing our very best and making the best better. In hopes of encouraging the continuation of these values as students move forward with their studies Grundy County 4-H Program has awarded the following 4-H members. All graduating 4-H members received 4-H Tassels & members of the County 4-H Council leadership team received 4-H Leadership Cords.

4-H members receiving scholarships:

Vanessa Ash Grundy Center. Vanessa is a member of the Palermo Clover 4-H Club & County 4-H Council. Vanessa shared that the most important 4-H experiences for her were spent with the county 4-H council because they all got along so well and had fun working together. She also said that 4-H taught her how to be a better leader and set a good example for others.

Kelsey Martin Gladbrook-Reinbeck. Kelsey said that 4-H showed her the importance of volunteering. She learned that even if it does not seem like what you are doing is making a difference, it is: even sweeping the floor can be a positive influence.

Krystal Meester Aplington-Parkersburg. Krystal has learned a great many skills through 4-H and most of those skills sprung from her dog project. One of the biggest leadership skills she learned was to have confidence in oneself. Krystal said that she learned this while training her first dog, Splash, for the dog show. Working with her dogs showed her that you can really have to push yourself and put yourself out there to accomplish your goals sometimes, and to do that you have to believe in yourself. The dog project taught her more about teamwork than any classroom ever could.

Trent Myers Dike New Hartford. One of the life skills Trent learned through 4-H was hard work. He said that 4-H teaches you how to be a hard worker from the day you start. All the hard work he went through to get his animals ready for fair will help him when looking for a job in the future. When people ask him why Trent is in 4-H he shares that all the lessons that come from it really does make a huge impact on your life.

Bradley Schmidt Gladbrook Reinbeck. Brad likes showing most because he got to present the project to the judged that he had worked on all year. He will always remember working with his Grandpa Jerry & Dad around the fairgrounds. They helped him in many different projects and taught him many skills along the way.

Brittany Shinn Gladbrook Reinbeck. Brittany learned about leadership and communication and how good it is to volunteer for different things. 4-H helped her with leadership by teaching her that it is okay to speak your voice and opinion because someone will listen.

We also want to congratulate the following graduating 4-H Members: Leigh Carson (BCLUW), Kody Brouwer (Dike-New Hartford), Kyler Dudden (Dike-New Hartford), Jonathan Faust (Grundy Center), Chad Frazer (BCLUW), Alyce Johnson (Aplington-Parkersburg), Kristin Neher (Grundy Center), Joel Steckelberg (BCLUW), and Nathan Westemeier (Dunkerton).

Grundy County 4-H is a great program for the whole family to grow together. Join us for the 2012-2013 4-H year! Enrollments will begin this fall.



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