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Letters to the Editor

May 18, 2012

May 20, 2012
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor;

Due to reapportionment, Republicans in Grundy County have a Primary Election contest on June 5th, for our State House of Representative seat. Both candidates have similar conservative political philosophies.

I strongly encourage House District 50 Republicans to join me in voting for Representative Pat grassley on June 5, 2012 because the single most glaring difference between the two candidates is their voting records. Pat Grassley has a perfect voting record in the current Legislative Session, while his opponent has missed at least 68 votes. Pat Grassley is obviously the candidate that is committed to representing his constituents and thereby doing the job he was elected to do. Consider voting early by absentee ballot.

Dr. K.R. Storjohann

Reinbeck, Iowa

Dear Editor;

Mitt Romney claims that 92 percent of the people who lost jobs on President Obama's watch are women. This assertion was debunked by Politifact, the Post's Glenn Kessler and NBC's Domenico Montanaro. All three point out that Romney's claim relies on losses using January 2009 as a baseline, BEFORE President Obama's policies took effect. Romney has echoed this charge multiple times, changing the numbers to keep pace with improving economic news. As new fact checks of Romney's claims about women are exposed his methodology is completely bogus. Lately he denies that there are gender based differences in wages, even though it is a statistical truth that women work for less then men. He also claims Obama stole his ideas to save the auto industry even thought he previously said,

"Let them go bankrupt." He also claims in regards to the death of Osama Bin Laden that, "He would have done the same thing." Even though he previously stated, "I would have negotiated with Pakistan before killing Ben Laden." Time and time again he has lied and flip-flopped regarding primary issues. Women can expect that if elected president, Romney will formally criminalize reproductive choices and take other measures to suppress women's rights.


Dan Bynum

Eldridge, Iowa

Dear Editor;

Those of us who live in District 50 have an important Republican Primary coming up on June 5. Due to the redistricting following the latest census, we have Republican Representative Pat Grassley of New Hartford running against Republican Representative Annette Sweeney of Alden. Both are currently serving in the Iowa House of Representatives.

At this time there is no Democrat running for this position. Therefore, there will only be one name on the ballot in November for the General Election - the person who wins this primary. So, if you are a Democrat, or an Independent and want a voice in selecting your next State Representative - you will need to vote in this primary. Therefore, you will need to re-register as a Republican in order to be able to vote. You can always re-register back to your preferred party after the primary is over.

This is something you should seriously consider if you want to have a voice in this important election. This will be the only vote you will get in helping to choose who will represent you for the next two years in the Iowa House of Representatives.

Collette Beeghly

Conrad, Iowa



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