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Letters to the editor

May 11, 2012

May 13, 2012
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

As I am sure you all know by now, our State Representative Annette Sweeney is in a primary race for the new House District 50. I have spent the last nine months watching Annette as she traveled from city to city and from meetings to more meetings. Every step she took and every mile she drove, she did to help better our lives here in Iowa. I found her to be a person who really listened to everyone she came in contact with. When a call or a letter came in I never once heard her say, "I don't have time." What I heard instead was, "Get it on my calendar, I will be there," and she was. Well that is Annette Sweeney when it comes to our lives here in Iowa, from her stance in agriculture, education, the elderly, marriage and our everyday family values.

I have known Annette for many years now. She taught my children in Sunday school and has been our neighbor for 20 years. I have seen her in the dirt helping on the farm and sitting in a classroom full of children reading them stories, and I have listened to her sing over everyone in our church like she was leading us all in the song.

Annette has a get-it-done attitude and will always find a way to make the harder situations seem like a piece of cake. So I can only hope that if you want a leader, if you want someone who will make things happen and be there when it counts, then you will to get out and vote on June 5th for Annette Sweeney, "A Proven Leader" in her field for State House Representative in District 50.


Suzanne Murphy

Alden, Iowa

Dear Editor,

To The Parents of G-R Students:

I'm Kathy Vavroch, President of the Fines Arts Booster Club. For those of you that don't know about the Fine Arts it includes: Vocal music, instrumental music, speech, drama and art. These arts are in our elementary, middle school and high school.

The Fine Arts Boosters goal is to promote and raise money for these areas. In previous years, the money has gone to assist with the chorus trips, band uniforms, instruments for vocal and instrumental music, assisting with new sound system for the auditorium, magazines, tools and supplies for art to name a few. We also assist teachers with buying supplies and resources to aide in their instruction.

We as Fine Art Booster members provide concessions during football season to help aid these arts. Without the concession proceeds, the arts would be asking for more out of pocket expenses for the students and teachers would spend more of their own money to help supply these areas.

The Fine Arts Booster Members serve a minimum of two years. There are no fees to be a member. We volunteer our time to help all the G-R children in the school system. The only request we have of anyone is to help work a concession one night during a home football game. We work jr. high, freshman, JV or varsity home games.

I took this position to meet new people and families in our school system that I might not normally meet and to raise money for the arts. Being a Fine Art Booster Member means helping our children and feeling a sense of reward by helping the arts. Seeing first hand how appreciative the teachers are to receive the rewards are priceless.

I hope that you have learned a little of what the fine arts are and what the Boosters do to help support these. If someone talks to you about the fine arts I hope now you know what they are and what you can do to help. We have fun and enjoy seeing the positive impact it makes on the children and teachers. If you have any questions you can contact a fine arts teacher, or myself.

Kathy Vavroch

Gladbrook, Iowa



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