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Read Across America challenge

April 22, 2012
Jessica Larsen - Managing Editor , Reinbeck Courier

The Reinbeck elementary students were put to a Read Across America March challenge. Each class had a different goal to achieve. If the students accomplished their goals, they were allowed to make an ice cream sundae on Principal Mr. Kuehl's head. They did it!

After accomplishing goals the students were able to put their name in a bucket in the hopes of being drawn to be selected to make a sundae on Mr. Kuehl's head.

Kindergarden through second grade read for 15 minutes per day. This was the equivalent of approximately 450 minutes per student for the month. The third graders were challenged to pass accelerated reader tests at 80% or better. They passed 120 tests. For each test passed the third graders were able to submit their name to the bucket.

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Fourth grader Kale Hasselmann placing vanilla ice cream on Mr. Kuehl’s head.

In Miss Erickson's fourth grade class the reading goal was for each student to read three AR fiction books at their level and also one non-fiction book. Miss Erickson says that the students did a great job with this and as a class they read 136 AR books. For each book the child read they got to put their name in the bucket. Erickson says, "Many of the students read more than the four required books to increase their odds of being selected."

For the students of Mrs. Bailey's fourth grade it was "Sink-or-Swim Together." Each student had to earn at least one 100% on an AR test in March. For each test at 80% or better, the students wrote their name on a "sundae" and deposited the paper into the bucket for the drawing. There were 132 papers in the bucket!

The lucky winners were: Sam Schildroth, 4B. He put chocolate ice cream on Mr. Kuehl's head; Kale Hasselmann, 4E, vanilla ice cream; Cole Engel 3F, chocolate sauce; Maia McLean, 3K, strawberry ice cream; Nathalie Morris, 2, carmel; Lane Ellingson, 1B, whip cream; Connor Allen, 1E, sprinkles; Casey Knepp, K, nuts and a cherry.

A good time was had by all.

Mr. Kuehl says, "I'm really proud of how well and much our students are reading. The Mr. Kuehl Sundae was a fun culmination to the Read Across America challenge. But, what I'm most proud of is the work that our students and staff do on a daily basis. Their work with the Daily 5 literacy program is truly impressive."



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