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April 15, 2012
Bernice Volkens , Reinbeck Courier

It's always nice to see April and Easter because even with some illogical twists and turns of Iowa weather it's an indication springtime weather is on the way. I think of spring in terms of new green grass, early blooming flowers, and fresh clean air. Of course, you have to also think of spring in terms of washing windows, washing cars, raking and cutting grass, trimming and shaping flower beds and getting gardens ready. I did all that about 5 years ago and my list of things to do has certainly got lots less, but because I do less I like it more. A few years ago I would have had the golf clubs already to go. It is one thing both my husband and I miss doing, but arthritis has put that on hold. However, I still enjoy going out to the club house to play cards.

In Iowa we are fortunate to have four seasons not only includes the planting and harvesting of crops, but also the changes and maturing in our own lives and those near and dear to us. My life, pretty much, has been in one place. A place and house I love, a place I call home. So whenever I hear of people and especially my children are making a change I feel a certain apprehensiveness and I have certainly been thinking a lot about our daughter, Vicki and her husband, Steve. Steve has worked for the U.S. Government and the Army for 10 years and now got a new promotion and they are moving to Germany. I have been anxious and I guess I have had a lot of questions and the questions just keep coming. Then I thought one of the joys of having grown children is they no longer rely on you. They are grown individuals, married with grown children and a wonderful job that Steve enjoys very much. I now see they are excited about the move and a great opportunity to see a little bit of this big world. I guess I worried more about their two boys, Jess and Patrick. However, they both are through with their education, have jobs and are 26 and 23, so I know and their parents know they will be fine. I'll certainly miss their parents and I'll miss their two dogs, Digger and Josie, who love to visit the farm. Of course, the dogs have had all their shots and identification chips put in, so they are ready for the move. I know that Vicki and Steve are planning on coming home twice a year, but not the dogs.

Of course, we were asked for advice, but then I wonder how I can give advice when my life is so different. I'm glad they don't always take my advice. No one knows all the answers.

This is the time for a pretty spring salad.


1 can sweetened

condensed milk

1 (8 oz.) carton whipped


1 can cherry pie filling

1 cup coconut

1 cup pineapple tidbits,


1 cup mini


Mix and chill.

This salad

comes out looking lavender!

"Remember April showers brings May flowers-Except they're already here."



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