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Herman Lenz

March 24, 2012
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor:

Dianne Helmers had a good letter in your newspaper. The coyote hunters that I know of are NOT "legal." They 1. park in the traveled part of the road. 2. Speed, chasing around the mile to head off their target. 3. Turn around in the middle of the road. 4. Shooting into property where they don't have permission. (The majority of citizens would favor making this a "felony with loss of hunting and gun rights"). They're not seat belted, because they cannot get a gun into action and out the window to shoot, while seat belted. (Why isn't the seat belt law enforced on these zealots?)

They're a public nuisance and hazard. Get a video of them when you see them doing the above. The county sheriff should enforce the laws on the above, but the hunters probably have scanners tuned in on law enforcement frequency, so as to know where they are.

I favor the "Second Amendment" which the Founding Fathers of America put in place primarily to ensure that the citizens have the means to resist and even overthrow a tyrannical government and for defense. It was not put in place to insure the dastardly miscalled "sport" as in paragraph one above. In true "sports" both sides are EQUAL and WANT to have a contest.

The hunting in early America was for survival, but not for a thrill kill.

It's too bad the zealots in (paragraph one above) can't find something constructive to do with their idle time.

Are such lazy zealots sadistic or totally de-sensitized about the misery they cause to sentient creatures? They want us to believe the sky will fall if they don't kill something. If people truly care about their pets, they keep them where the coyotes cannot get at them. Most livestock are kept in confinement in buildings or yards, not out on the open range like in early times.

If natural predators were left alone there wouldn't be so many deer which are causing traffic fatalities, and hunter fatalities and property damage during hunting seasons. The deer are managed in a way to ensure there are plenty of live targets so a minority can have fun and killing at the expense of human lives and property damage. The best thing that could happen to the deer would be they get a disease and die out. (This is all politically unfavorable isn't it?)

Hunting evolved into using: motor vehicles to chase with (this is illegal), semi-auto firepower, (they would use machine guns if they had them), radios to coordinate other hunters, scopes, camouflage suits, night vision equipment, radios tuned to law enforcement, any kind of modern equipment to make it easy. It is a misdemeanor to call such despicable hunting a "sport."

Herman Lenz

Sumner, Iowa



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