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Diann Helmers

March 3, 2012
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

Once again I've come upon a very disturbing sight. Same people for the most part, but a different victim, the last one was dead already, run to death from exhaustion or just finished off after giving up. And there THEY (5-7 humans) were with their radios, 5+ pickups, guns and egos and there it was, ONE 40-50 lb. Coyote.

After coming up behind the "posse" out for kicks, I had to slow up as one stopped suddenly to whip into a farm drive while radioing, one was stopped near the middle of the road, and one was headed into a field (permission or trespassing?) after surrounding sections, ambushing their target.

I look to my left and here it came, literally running for its life, I had to stop as not to run it over and the fear and struggle in its eyes was beyond disheartening, mouth open wide gasping for air. Tripping and rolling just trying to survive against the real predators.

I stopped and had words with one that is old enough to know better and whom I am sure sat in that church pew on Sunday playing the role of one of good character.

I think we know how the story ended even though I did not yet see another one inhumanely killed at the hands of those that use their vehicles, radios, speed, and lack of conscience as a weapon on one that never stood a chance.

What is the mind set of those that do this type of thing, how do you get pleasure and humor out of such a despicable act? This is not hunting; maybe lazy white trash hunting, but there is nothing here that shows an ounce of respecting man or beast.

Their lack of concern for those traveling down the road in a lawful way is another issue needing addressed.

I am questioning if these people even have permission to enter all these fields.

If you are allowing them on your property, shame on you, you are part of the problem here.

And all for what? A pelt, a jolly, a boys day out?

How about instead take your kids/grandkids to volunteer at an animal rescue/shelter, build a Habitat for Humanity house, pick up some garbage along the rivers and streams? Try it, maybe you'll find some self respect and give life lessons to those that may actually change the world for the better.

There is no place in a humane society for this kind of behavior.

Sure, many of us would like to dump their behinds in the middle of a field and turn loose 30-40 "human" hungry predators and watch the show as the tables are turned and then you only hope maybe they'd get it. But in a civilized society this does not happen. I rest my case.

This scenario is far more then one Coyote that some may consider a "pest" it's far more to do with a lack of respect not only for wildlife but for citizens that try to do the right thing as they go through life.

Before you say, it's just a "stupid" animal, who cares, read up on Coyotes, educate yourself, ignorance is a choice. You're more likely to be hit on the head by a fallen coconut then bit by a Coyote. The mammal we need fear most is none other than a human. And killing for a fur coat? The vainest form of apparel and should be outlawed.

Here's some great reading on these smart, beautiful creatures and how some humans refuse to coexist with wildlife, it will be the death of us all, not just one Coyote, if we keep it up.

I am very aware the Coyote has little to no rights when it comes to hunting them down that is why this behavior goes on and why there needs to be laws and rules set. People like this evidently don't use a moral compass, nor appear to have much of a conscience when it comes to killing animals in such a disgusting manner. Because something isn't illegal doesn't make it okay!

I am asking the DNR and local police to step it up when it comes to the unlawful tactics of these people.

Bless the beast as they have no voice and no choice.

Diann Helmers

Reinbeck, Iowa



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