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8th grade boys basketball

February 4, 2012
Coach Steve Luethje , Reinbeck Courier

Everyone scores for the Rebels

Tuesday, Jan. 17th, G-R 8th grade Boys Basketball hosted BCLUW and won the contest 56-9, as we advance to 9-0 on year. Everyone saw good minutes, we held back some in this contest, and with a continual running second half clock it made for a short game. All G-R 8th grade players scored in this contest, but we were led by Brock Bystricky 16 pts. and Colton Dinsdale 9 pts., 9 steals, 8 rebounds, and 3 assist night (almost a triple double) as both Brock and Colton had their game going, we were then followed by Josh Cooley 9 pts., Tyler Eiffler 8 pts., Dalton Schwartz 4 pts., Jake Mohlis 3 pts. Erick Stoakes, Bryce Clark, Jake Schuman 2 pts. each. When everyone gets to score there is a reason, and its unselfishness or teamwork, as this ball was passed around freely to the open players. We played in front of a very large Junior High audience in this game!

Rebels have not lost a home game in two years

Thursday, Jan. 19th, G-R 8th grade boys basketball had our final home game, hosting South Hardin, and we won the contest 44-17 to move to 10-0 on season. This was a repeat game for us, as in early December our first basketball game was at their place and we won that game 51-27. We knew they had improved, they were beating the same teams we were this season, but our young Rebels showed they had also improved, holding our opponent to their season low of 17 offensive points.

The Rebels had a balanced team scoring night, with Colton Dinsdale 10 pts., Tyler Eiffler 8 pts., Josh Cooley 7 pts., Brock Bystricky, Erick Stoakes and Dalton Schwartz 6 pts. each, Bryce Clark 1 pt., but were led by Jake Schuman getting 6 steals, 2 assists and 2 rebounds night (great game!) and Jake Mohlis 1 steal night. This game concluded our final home game of the 2011-12 season, and with this win it's been two years since any 7th or 8th grade boy's team has lost a home game, in Gladbrook. The reason for our success is simple we are unselfish players: as the young Rebels believe in short quick pass system, hustling pressure defense style to create our offense, combined with our players' not wanting to lose attitudes.

Gladbrook - Reinbeck 8th Grade Boys Basketball move to 11-0 on Season

Thursday, Jan. 24th, G-R 8th grade boys basketball traveled south to Gilman to play East Marshall. The Rebels won 72-11, now 110 overall. The Mustangs are little down this year, they started the season with six 8th graders out, but only have 2 8th graders still on their roster, so they used a mix of 7-8th graders. We held back and played no full court pressure defense, but that did not matter much, we simply played some good ball and shot a season high 62% from the field. We had some referees who were going to enforce the rule book and call a proper close game, no hand checking, a foul was a foul, traveling was a call game.

I'm sure a few of our older fans can relate to this, as yes, once in great while the true rules are still enforced. I must admit I like it when you're the more skill full team, but this led to one of the East Marshall fans being ejected. Our fans were great and our player above reproach so we came away with a better understanding of another type of adversity and how to see the positives in everything we do.

Leading the Rebels were Tyler Eiffler with 19 pts., and Eric Stoakes 15 pts., Jake Schuman and Dalton Schwartz 8 pts. each, Josh Cooley and Brock Bystricky 7 pts. each, Colton Dinsdale 6 pts., Jake Mohlis 2 pts., and Bryce Clark just as importantly had a solid 3 rebound night. Cleary Eric Stoakes, Jake Schuman, & Jake Mohlis played one of their best Junior High games tonight, we still are improving! Our last game was Mon. Jan. 30th vs. A-P at Aplington.



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