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Getting it (or at least some of it)

January 28, 2012
Sue Eckhoff - Grundy County Heritage Museum , Reinbeck Courier

My mother had a theory that young people should retire when they graduate from high school, live life to the fullest, then start work at 40 and work till you die. I always thought that was kind of crazy, but she said I'd get it someday. When you get right down to it, that's not a bad idea, do everything you can while you're young and when you work, you will truly have experienced life and have a greater appreciation of life and everything in it. I realize this isn't my typical column, but bear with me, I'm getting there!

My generation (bubble gummers) was a prime example of what I'm talking about. Our motto is live for the moment and let the future unfold. That wasn't all bad, but along the way I realize I just didn't have it in me to appreciate the things that I do now. When I was 25, I could never have written these articles, didn't want to, didn't care about history, or God forbid, work in a MUSEUM! Museums are for old things, and I certainly thought they were boring!

And I must confess when I applied for my job at the museum, I didn't even know these facilities existed, let alone where they were. I had to ask for directions to get to my interview and I only live seven miles away! Now? Well that's another story. Into my 9th year here, I've come a long way. Of course I'm a long way on the other side of 25 too and hopefully I have learned to vary my appreciations of so many more things in life, such as the Grundy County Museum facilities. If you have not been here, I urge you to make the trip to Morrison. If you have, come and visit again. I just smile when first time visitors state after a tour of the facilities, "This is wonderful. I didn't even know this was here." It is wonderful. The one-room schoolhouse, the brick museum, the log cabin and the Ag Hall, all depict important aspects of our heritage. All of them are worth seeing and seeing again.

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Visitors can walk right into the 1900 house and barn exhibit at the Grundy County Heritage Museum in

Yep, I've grown into my appreciation stage. As I said, I never would have had the desire to research and write these articles weekly. Too much like being back in school. That, like the museum, has brought me so much. I guess like my mom said, I'd get it someday and now I do, or at least I'm starting to!



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