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Rebel’s 8th grade boys basketball

January 21, 2012
Coach Steve Luethje , Reinbeck Courier

Gladbrook - Reinbeck 8th Grade Boys

Basketball win over Dike N-H

Friday, Jan. 6th, G-R 8th grade boys basketball team defeated Dike New Hartford in Gladbrook 32 to 31, Rebels are now 6-0 overall. This was our revenge game, it was their only loss last year as 7th graders. It was a great game, one of the best played and watched games I can remember. I can't say we were any better than Dike N-H and we were fortunate to get the win.

Afterwards a few fans came up and said, that game had "strategy" meaning we sub some players in and out towards the end, who I thought gave us our best chance on our offense's and defense's possession. We did miss 5 free throws with under 2 minutes left, and we did not have Colton Dinsdale available, to keep this contest tighter than it should have been.

We had balanced team scoring with Tyler Eiffler 8 pts., Dalton Schwartz 6 pts., Erick Stoakes 5 pts., Jake Schuman and Josh Cooley 4 pts., Brock Bystrickly 3 pts. and Jake Mohlis 2 pts. with Bryce Clark 1 rebound to round out the stats. I wrote about our poor free throw shooting in the past, it may haunt this team in future games, as we practice it more this year than other 8th grade teams, so hopefully this will cause us to improve in this area now.

We were pushed in this game and had to respond to secure this win. These young Rebels work very hard and the wins keep coming. Our upcoming schedule: Thurs., Jan. 19 home vs. S. Hardin, Tues., Jan. 24 at East Marshall, and Mon. Jan. 30 A-P at Aplington with starting times 4:15 p.m. for the 8th graders.

Gladbrook - Reinbeck 8th Grade Boys Basketball move to 7-0 on Season

Thursday, Jan. 10th, G-R 8th grade Boys Basketball team played at West Marshall's new Middle School gym in State Center, this is a very nice gym. The Rebels won 55-22, now 70 overall. The Rebels came out slow, we were tied 8-8 after 1st quarter, then the Rebels even fell behind by 4 pts., but after a long time out in the 2nd quarter, we responded and picked things up to lead 33 to 16 at half.

We basically played a new trap defense that we had not played this season to start the 3rd quarter. The Junior High Quarters are 6 minutes long, but after several pointed remarks by their fans over our hustling pressure style and us being up 22 pts., we pulled back with 3:48 left in 3rd qrt. I sure wanted to get our substitutes in on that new set, but that will have to come in another contest.

Leading the Rebels were Tyler Eiffler with 19 pts., Dalton Schwartz 12 pts., Josh Cooley and Colton Dinsdale 8 pts. each, Eric Stoakes 6 pts. Other highlights were Jake Schuman had 4 steals, Jake Mohlis 3 assists, Brock Bystricky 3 assist and 3 steals and Bryce Clark 1 rebound.

Thursday, Jan. 12th, G-R 8th grade boys basketball team played at Wellsburg and defeated AGWSR 45-24 in this contest, to advance to 80 on season. This was our 1st bad weather day of our school year and at times we played like the weather conditions outside. We faced some adversity of playing an away game, a better team, spirited fans and few referee calls made for a noisy gym. The Rebels managed to take care of business, showed no emotions to the environment around them, playing through it to secure the win.

The AGWSR coaches are some of the best coaches around, they do a great job and I'm sure if they want, they can be high school coaches soon. Leading the Rebels were Brock Bystricky 14 pts., Tyler Eiffler, Josh Cooley and Colton Dinsdale 7 pts. each, Erick Stoakes 6 pts., Dalton Schwartz and Jake Schuman 2 pts. each. Just as importantly was Jake Mohlis getting 2 rebounds and one steal, and Bryce Clark 1 rebound. I encourage every fan to come out and watch us play as we have 4 games left.



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