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Weightroom challenge

January 14, 2012
Tom Boheman , Reinbeck Courier

Okay, maybe I am a little competitive, but when you dunk over somebody it just seems like the natural thing to do is get in their face and talk a little trash, right? And if the dunk resulted in the board being ripped to the ground well then it just goes without saying, you gotta' talk a little smack.

My wife is one to really get caught up on details. She reminds me that the only reason I got the dunk I refer to is because the person guarding me tripped and consequently could not get into the paint to protect the basket. Another detail I don't get nearly as hung up as she does is the fact the "hoop" I ripped down was a Nerf hoop. Besides, the tripping thing has nothing to do with it. If you can't keep your pacifier in your mouth then don't step onto the court with it your mouth! It might be a hard lesson to learn, but better my daughter learn it at the age of 8 months than when she is in high school!

I guess my competitive nature just could not resist the challenge Larry Messerly threw at me with this "Messerly Boheman" challenge thing. Several months ago I wrote an article explaining the challenge and as of now, the challenge is officially over and together Mr. Messerly and I raised a little over 11 thousand dollars to help purchase equipment for the weightroom.

Going up against Larry is a bit of a David and Goliath kind of thing. If you ever find yourself in New Guinea about to be placed into a boiling pot by a tribe of cannibals, fear not if Larry is in your party. Just as they are stuffing an apple in your mouth, some short little cannibal wearing a lobster bib and carrying a fork is bound to come running up to the front of the group yelling, "Larry! Long time no see!" The cannibals have to eat fish and you live to see another day! I swear the guy couldn't go to the deepest, most remote place on earth and NOT run into someone he knows! Go ahead and 'google' it. If you google a picture of Admiral Peary sinking a flag into he frozen tundra of the north pole, you are likely to see a picture of Larry in the background holding Peary's ice fishing pole.

Being the competitive person I am, I am not above "ripping down some more Nerf hoops" so to speak to win this challenge thing. Once again my wife dwells on the details and pointed out the fact that I received a grant of two thousand dollars from the Grundy Heritage Foundation as well as an EXTREMELY GENEROUS donation of three thousand dollars from Randy, Viv and Justina Mercer from the Bryce Mercer memorial fund. All that aside, I'm not one to gloat but I raised roughly six thousand dollars while Larry raised a bit above five thousand dollars. A person such as my wife would immediately see that in actuality Larry raised five thousand and I raised a little over one thousand. I myself am not one to get caught up in minor details such as that so, I WIN! In your face Larry!

Well, enough of me rambling on. Oh, wait a minute, my phone is ringing, I'll be right back. Are you kidding me right now! That was Larry. He just got another contribution and this puts him ahead of me! I have been putting this article off for over a month and now, at the last minute he gets an EXTREMELY GENEROUS DONATION from Chris Hayek and his family. This GREAT news is that this puts us over 13 thousand dollars in total donations. The bad news is I am a finicky eater and I hate the taste of crow!

Fact Box

Larry Messerly list

Jon Bachman, Jerry & Renee Lorenzen, Steve Barnes, Linda McCoy, Mark & Jana Bystricky, Ben Messerly, Brent Cooper, Jack Miller, David Coulter, Joel Mohr, Bill & Brie Davis, John Mohr, Kent Dierks, Albert Dierks, Connie Plaehn, Paul & Jan Ehrig, Virtus and Shirley Ramundt, Kip Folkerts, Bill Raney, Sue Green, Tim Rickert, Jeff Hansen, Darrell Roberts, Mark Harris, Steve & Deb Robertson, Mike & Rita Hummel, Aaron & Mandy Russell, Matt & Kristin Jones, Gaylord Schelling, Kedric Karkosh, Martin Schelling, Rick Keith, Herk & Brenda Schmidt, Ray Keith, Jeff & Kelli Schulz, Deb Keith, Charlene Sharp, David Keith, Ryan & Mary Jane Sharp, Marlys Keith, Stan Slessor, Sharon Keith, Bruce & Susan Sperry, Susan Keith, David Stoakes, Doug Koht, Marcy Swalley, Craig Koht, Jerry Willer, Jason Lage, Jerry Billerbeck and Chris Hayek.

Tom Boheman list

Torry Rhoades, Mike Lovell (Kerry, Paula and Paul), Trent and Deb Wentzien, Barb Boheman, Kory and Audra Meyerann, Mike and Kristi Fairbanks, Jim Gilliespie, Mike and Debbie Paine, Laura Paine, Al Rhoades, Paul and Jan Ehrig, Doug and Pam Davis, Sarah Storjohann, Jeff and Cathy Storjohann, Diane Helmers, Irma Thede, Grundy County Heritage Fund, Chad Mercer, Jim Smoldt, Bryce Mercer Memorial and the Grundy County Heritage Fund.

In addition coach Olson did the really hard work of getting this effort organized and off the ground. If you go to : you can see the end result. We are still planning to have more updates for the weightroom and actually are happy to accept donations at any time to continue to revamp and improve our workout facilities. If you are so inclined to donate to the cause you can certainly still do so, we would greatly appreciate your support.



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