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Run ‘n gun reloaded

December 22, 2011

December 24, 2011
Coach Bailey , Reinbeck Courier

The third week of the season proved to be a tough one for the Rebels with 1 win and 2 defeats. The Rebels were not able to reach any of their system goals in these ballgames. We were close in most categories but not where they need to be to win! Teams are trying to figure out ways to slow us down and this week showed us that we really need to execute what we do if we are to be successful! We are now (5-2, 4-1) with one game left before Christmas.

Grundy Center

Grundy has had our number in the last couple of years! I truly believe that it is more of a mental than physical thing. Until we believe we can beat them we won't. In this game they defeated us 71-57. They jumped out to a 5-point lead in the first quarter and built it to a 36-24 lead at halftime. We came out in the third quarter and cut they're lead to three but just could not maintain the consistency on the floor to get ahead and win the game!

Emily Dinsdale led us in scoring finishing with 15. Paige Thompson had 13, Jenna Roeding 8, Emily Stoakes 8, Erin Wentzien 4, Emily Snider 4, Addi Kickbush 3, and Taylor Flamme 2.

Emily Stoakes had 10 rebounds, Addi Kickbush 6, Emily Dinsdale 6, Jenna Roeding 5, Paige Thompson 4, Britney Keller 1, and Emily Snider 1. Paige had 5 steals followed by Emily Snider with 3, Emily Stoakes 2, Jenna Roeding 2, Taylor Flamme 1, Erin Wentzien 1, and Addi Kickbush 1.

West Marshall

This was another typical G-R, West Marshall ballgame. West Marshall led by three at the end of the first quarter and we led going into the locker-room at half by the score of 41-38. The third quarter saw the Trojans retake the lead 53-49. The Rebels were down by 7 points with two minutes to go in the game and rallied for a thrilling 64-62 win. Two big plays were a steal by Emily Snider and a three-point basket in the last half-minute by Paige Thompson.

Paige finished the game with 16 points. Jenna Roeding scored 13, Addi Kickbush 9, Emily Snider 8, Emily Dinsdale 8, Emily Stoakes 5, Taylor Flamme 3, and Britney Keller 2.

Emily Stoakes was all over the boards with 11 rebounds, Paige Thompson 6, Taylor Flamme 4, Jenna Roeding 3, Erin Wentzien 3, and Emily Dinsdale 1. Emily Stoakes also had 9 steals and 5 blocked shots for the game.

Wapsie Valley

This game was a game that I consider a bad loss. Give Wapsie credit they did what they had to do to win, but we fouled way too much and did not execute for the most part. We did not move our feet on defense and reached way to much thus causing us to commit 29 fouls and put them on the line 32 times. This allows for the pace of the game to be slowed and for them to rest! Consequently they controlled tempo and won the game 66-60.

Paige Thompson finished with 13 points, Jenna Roeding 12, Emily Dinsdale 11, Emily Snider 8, Addi Kickbush 8, Emily Stoakes 5, Taylor Flamme 2, and Erin Wentzien 1.

We had 17 steals in this game led by Emily Stoakes with 6, and Emily Snider with 4. Stoakes had 9 rebounds, Jenna Roeding 5, Emily Dinsdale 4, Emily Snider 3, Addi Kickbush 2, Paige Thompson 2, Taylor Flamme 2, and Erin Wentzien 1.



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