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Rising Sun Karate studio opens in Reinbeck

November 26, 2011
Jessica Larsen - Editor , Reinbeck Courier

Have you ever wanted to learn karate? Now is your chance. Rising Sun Karate Studio has opened at 202 Broad St. in Reinbeck by Sensei Karla Pashby-Fuller. Sensei is a Japanese word that is used as a title for a teacher, or someone that has achieved a certain level of mastery in an art form, or skill. In this sense Fuller has earned her title by becoming a sixth degree black belt in the Japanese style martial art called Sangai Jutsu Karate. Fuller started learning karate in 1980 because she was interested in becoming a police officer and felt like she needed more of a defense background. Fuller says that when she began learning karate there were not a lot of women learning martial arts and that she was discouraged by her instructor. "The more he discouraged me the more I wanted to succeed," says Fuller. This same instructor later told Fuller that she was one of his best students. She received her first black belt in 1987 and her sixth degree black belt in 2010. There are a total of ten degrees.

Fuller says that throughout history women have been discouraged to learn martial arts, but they would secretly watch their husbands and learn the art of self defense. The women would disguise this art through the use of dance such as tai chi. Today learning martial arts is open to everyone, children, men and women. Fuller says that learning karate helps to mentally solve problems better. "I know that I can fight, protect myself and I also know that I don't have to." Aspects of learning karate include developing better concentration, developing self esteem, learning leadership skills through respect of others, improving coordination, building self confidence, learning sportsmanship skills, developing teamwork and developing the body, mind and spirit. Fuller says, "There's a lot of internal development when you learn martial arts. It creates an inner strength called tamashi."

Fuller opened the first Rising Sun Karate studio in Parkersburg in 1993 along with Nancy Satre. Nancy has since moved on from the business and now lives in Missouri. Another studio was opened in Allison in 2008, and a studio in Ackley in 2009. Fuller says that she chose Reinbeck as a new location at the request of numerous students in the area. The studio will offer open enrollment and all levels are welcome in classes. Currently classes are offered in Reinbeck on Monday night. Kids ages four to six will be held from 6 p.m 6:45 p.m.; kids seven twelve 6:45 p.m. 7:30 p.m. and teenagers/adults 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Class instructors include Karla Pashby-Fuller, Angie Buffington and Ray Kubik. Buffington says, "I feel very honored with being able to give people the tools needed for self defense and teaching them respect for themselves and for others. I am very excited."

Article Photos

Ribbon cutting ceremony at Rising Sun Karate. Pictured l-r: Kelly Riskedahl, Jim Petersen, Ray Kubik, Angie Buffington, Karla Pashby-Fuller, Ben Showalter, Quentin Mayberry, Joyce Wild and Scott Cooper.

More classes will be available at later dates such as a women's self defense class, karate kids day camp and a get fit boot camp. Private lessons and karate kid birthday parties are also available. For more information on the Rising Sun Karate studio and classes please call 319-483-8366 or online at



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