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Letter to the editor

Hunting & fishing

November 12, 2011
Patricia C. Haines , Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor;

All farmers and landowners who are giving permission for hunting and fishing on their property this season should be aware that spent lead ammo and lead fishing tackle pose a potential source of contamination of the soil, aquifer, surface water and future crops. This contamination might in the future lead to taking acres out of production or an expensive clean up before re-zoning and subdividing if that is your goal. Costly for the kids and grandchildren.

Studies have shown contaminated soil will yield lead concentrations in certain crops. The relationship between lead contamination and cancer is still being studied. Lead is banned in gasoline and paint and many other products in the US.

When farmers and landowners give permission for hunting/fishing on their land they should be able to stipulate No Lead Please! There are good alternatives to lead ammo and lead tackle. Steel and copper alternatives are readily available.

Farmers feed us and take care of the precious land. It is hard work. They should be able to say what takes place on their own property.

Thanks to our farmers for all they do!

Patricia C. Haines



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