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Cross country

October 15, 2011
Cathy Storjohann

Hard to believe that the cross country season is already in it's last couple weeks. Here is a overview of what has happened for part of the year. This year we have 18 girls and 2 boys out for cross country. Our competition started at Grinnell on Sept. 6th. We hit up against a lot of 2A and 3A schools. This being our first meet and a lot of the runners this was their first ever competition, I wasn't sure what to expect. Times were about where I thought they could be so that is good to see. Varsity finishers today were in the following order: Nicole Adair, Hannah Martin, Paige Thompson, Shelby Oelschlager and Rachel Bown.

Next Competition date was Saturday Sept. 10th. Again lots of really good schools represented here and times improved for most of the runners. Emily Johnson and Kelsey Schwartz saw the mot improvement in their runs, so fantastic job to both of them. We had the entire next week to work hard at practice before our next meet at BCLUW.

This meet we see a lot more hills than we have thus far and with homecoming being this week, legs were tired from the 17 mile run that a lot of them did the night before. So with those two factors times were not as good as the previous meets. Kelsey Martin and Rachel Bown ran pretty decent times on the varsity side.

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Rachel Bown and Hannah Martin.

BGM meet was that following Monday and LOTS more hills again. They have a hill on this course that is know as "CARDIAC MOUNTAIN" and what a test this course is for all that run it. We did well again here as a team which is always fun to see. Congratulations to JV runners for receiving medals, Emily Johnson 1st place, Kelsey Schwartz 3rd place, Meg Edler 6th place, Claire Reinhard 9th place, Tori Dugan 10th place. And to the varsity runners for medaling, Nicole Adair 7th place, Paige Thompson 13th place, Hannah Martin 15th place, Kelsey Martin 18th place and Shelby Oelschlager 20th place. Noah Lanza also placed and received a 9th place medal. Varsity girls placed 2nd overall in team competition.

Next up was Grundy Center which proved to be our best meet of the season so far. Just about everyone had a PR for the year at this meet and times are coming down which we are always happy to see. Varsity time spread was 1 minute and 09 seconds between 1 stand 5th runners, so anytime you can keep that a minute or under it is really good. We were close to that here today, so they did a good job running as a pack.

At Jesup it is a hard meet to coach. There are two races on the course at one time, so it is hard to get back and forth to see how the runners are doing. Good job tonight by Cydney Rose. This was the first race that Cydney has been able to participate in because of a foot injury. Kelsey Schwartz and Meg Edler did well on the JV side too. Nicole Adair set a new PR for herself tonight with a 17:17.

That ends part of our season. Practices are going well and everyone is keeping a positive attitude and working hard to keep improving as the season goes on.



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