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Westview News

October 8, 2011
Irma Thede

Either I'm getting slower, or these months are going faster and faster. First of all I don't know how I could have forgotten about the delicious donuts and rolls that Mildred Knaack's family brought in for her birthday treats last month. Many more birthdays Mildred.

On the 1st we had music while we ate our noon meal. Sandi Beem's son-in-law came and played the guitar for us. We always enjoy music.

Lavina Rohach's birthday was the 10th but we celebrated early while her family was visiting here. What a good crowd not only her Westview friends, but also family and friends came. Birthday cake, ice cream, punch and coffee was served. Happy Birthday Lavina.

Marrietta Greve spent some time at the Grundy Hospital, so on the 8th a car load of us went to visit her. Glad to have you back at Westveiw Marrietta.

The 11th was Grandparents Day so on the 9th we had a Grand Day. We played a grand match game after exercises and then of course we had a huge chocolate chip cookie to eat.

Ruth Holst birthday was the 11th so on the 12th her daughters-in-law brought coffee cake, juice and coffee for all of us at our morning coffee break. Happy birthday Ruth and thanks Kathy and Bonnie for the delicious coffee cake.

The UCC Circle met here on the afternoon on the 1st and our Bible Study with Janet Schildroth was on the 12th.

The last senior citizen evening meal was on the 14th. Several Westview people went to that. During the winter the meal is at noon at the Reinbeck memorial building, better join in on this.

The Uptown Lounge at Gladbrook is where we had our night out this month. Eighteen of us enjoyed this.

The 20th was Lois Knaack's birthday and her family treated us to birthday cup cakes and ice cream. Thanks Lois and Happy Birthday.

The third Wednesday of the month is the Book Club here at 4 or 7 p.m. if you are a reader they say this is interesting. Card players 2 p.m. on Tuesday's, anyone is welcome. Bingo was played on the 22nd and again on the 29th, this is always a favorite. After exercises on the 30th we had a sing-a-long, don't think we are quite ready to go on tour yet.

On October 7th at noon Governor Brandstad wants us to be the healthiest state so be ready to walk for at least 12 minutes or 7 blocks if you are able.

The Rannfeldt's supplied the beautiful flowers from their garden and also took care of the flowers along the trail in front of Westview.

Our gardeners Rosie, Mae Jean and Marilyn informed me that the garden is almost done for this year. There's just a few carrots to pull and some really green tomatoes. Rosie picked some of them and she said she puts them in a paper sack and they will ripen. Guess you are never too old to learn something and yes it works. I have a couple on my kitchen counter. We have all enjoyed the fresh produce.

Charlene Manlick does our nails on Monday afternoon she was going camping so she came on Saturday afternoon. Talk about spoiling us.

Several have gotten their flu shots. Looks like fall is officially here, the leaves are changing color and the farmers are busy, so be careful everyone and then if you don't want to be snowed in this winter, don't go south just go to Westview.



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