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Movie review Apollo 18

September 24, 2011
Jacob Schmidt G-R student

Last Friday I saw the movie, Apollo 18, with my dad and cousin. It is a good movie and if you want to see it, stop reading this review. The movie takes place in the 1960's when the space race was going on. Apollo 18, 19 and 20 were cancelled out of the blue. Apollo 18 members are told that they are going to the moon to put listening devises to spy on Russia.

When they get there they are amazed of the view of Earth. When they plant the machines they look around and one of them finds a rock and keeps it. He puts it a bag and moves on. About half way through the movie the crew members of Apollo 18 find a downed Russian space ship on the moon. As far as they knew no Russian had been on the moon. This comes to a shock to them. They try to talk to Command and keep getting static, and this worries them because their new gear should help their radio.

Towards the end of the mission, the commander of the mission gets infected by the rock creatures, and the other guy tries to save him but fails. He goes to the Russian space ship and escapes by latching on the other space ship. The man in the control center above the moon is told not to save him because he is infected, even though he is not really.

The man on the Russian ship is about to make it to safety but then he is attacked by the rocks, the dead Russian rocks. They all die the end. I give it a four out of five, because it is more of a suspense horror movie, much like Jaws was but more modern.



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