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Letters to the editor

Jesse Willis and Jack Boyer

September 17, 2011
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor:

The 2011 Iowa Farm Bureau Policy Adoption Conference was held in West Des Moines on August 30 and 31. Representing Grundy County was David Hommel.

The Grundy County Farm Bureau board of directors isnow seeking input from members for the 2012 policy development year. Members are encouraged to sign into the "Members' Only" section at the site. At the "YOUR VOICE" tab, please click on "Issue Surfacing" which will explain how to submit ideas for consideration from members throughout the state.

Members are always welcome to submit their ideas to any county Farm Bureau board member of by contacting the county Farm Bureau office by calling Karen at phone number 319-824-5212 or emailing the office at

Surfacing ideas is the first step inour GRASSROOTS policy development process!


Jesse Willis

Grundy County Farm Bureau President

Dear Editor:

Soon the general election will be here and there will be 3 seats for City Council & the Mayor up for election. I will not be eligible to run for re-election, as Marion and I will be moving outside the city limits and county.

Over the past 4 years it has been a great experience to serve the people of Reinbeck and work with the fellow Council members to try to maintain and promote Reinbeck. I believe that together, we have made some progress. To name a few successes, we have, in cooperation with the G-R School District, built a high quality, licensed, daycare facility that serves many in the town and surrounding community, the tax rate has been lowered during this period by more than 10%, an Emergency Preparedness Plan was developed and a 5 year plan developed for the capital improvements for the city. Much has been done, however as always, much remains to be completed.

The city needs some leadership minded individuals to take the challenge and seek election to the city government and help to maintain and promote Reinbeck in the future. You must have your petition for election and other materials submitted by September 22nd at 5 p.m., for your name to be on the November ballot. You can obtain the necessary forms from the following website, or obtain them from City Hall.

Reinbeck is a great place to live. Thanks and let's work together to promote Reinbeck.

Jack Boyer

Reinbeck City Councilman



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